Filling up planters with beautiful flowers and plants can completely transform a garden. From packing a raised bed with luscious greens or planting up colourful bedding plants, there are many planter styles to suit your needs and outdoor space. We’ve got plenty of ideas and advice below to help you choose the right planter for you!

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What are Planters?

Find out the best materials for planters and how to use them in our ‘what are planters?’ guide.

10 Best Garden Pots

Can’t choose? Discover our top 10 best garden pots to help you choose the right garden planter for you.

How to Choose a Planter

Get the right planter for you with our ‘How to Choose The Right Planter for Your Garden’ guide.

Care & Maintenance

How to Care for Your Planter?

Most planters are very low maintenance, however depending on its material, some will require more care than others. Learn how to care for your planter in our guide.

What to Put in the Bottom of a Planter for Drainage?

Provide your plants with the best start. In this handy guide, we share tips on what to put in the bottom of a planter for drainage.

How to Line a Planter?

Lining a planter will help keep it in prime condition for years to come. Our helpful guide will show you how to line a planter in just a few simple steps.

How Much Compost Do I Need For My Planter?

The amount of compost needed for a planter depends on its size, material and contents. Find out how much you’ll need in our ‘How Much Compost Do I Need For My Planter?’ guide.

Popular Planter Materials

What is a Fibrecotta Planter?

Discover the material of fibrecotta for planters and how to style them in our ‘what are Fibrecotta planters?’ guide.

Zinc Planter Comparison Guide

Can’t choose? Read our Zinc planter comparison guide to help you choose the right zinc planter for you.

A Guide to Planter Materials

There’s over 1000 planters available at Primrose. Read our comprehensive planter materials guide for more.

Garden Planters Ideas & Inspiration

What is a Fibrecotta Planter?

Our handy guide reveals the tried and tested ways of how to plant flowers in large planters successfully.

What to Put in Planters

Planters are a great way to add interest to your garden. Read our guide for a few ideas of what to put in planters.

How to Plant Bedding Plants in Pots

Follow our guide for a quick step-by-step on how to plant bedding plants in pots.

11 Stunning Planter Ideas

There are so many planters at Primrose that will transform your garden. Find 11 stunning planter ideas in our guide.

10 Trailing Plants for Pots

In this handy advice guide, we’ve picked our top 10 trailing plants for pots.

Best Plants for Pots

There’s over 391,000 plants in the world! Find out the best plants for pots in our useful guide.

Planting for Colour

Gardening expert Ann-Marie Powell shares her tips for planting up hanging baskets and containers with our speed planters for quick and easy Autumn colour.

How to Choose a Planter

Get the right planter for you with our ‘How to Choose The Right Planter for Your Garden’ guide.

Raised Beds Ideas & Advice

How to Line a Planter Box

If you want to use planter boxes for your next growing season, there are steps you can take to ensure both your plants and planter thrive. Find out how to line a planter box with our tips below!

How to Make a Raised Bed

Our raised bed planters arrive flat packed. In this guide, we outline what you need to build your new raised bed with ease.

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