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Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants

Design the garden of your dreams with our large range of beautiful bedding plants, available here at Primrose. Whichever colour scheme, shape, or location you have in mind, we have the perfect plant for your needs. Fill your border or fill a hanging basket, with our beautiful range from Fushias to Geraniums! Now's the time to get them planted for a season filled with colour, pollinators and sweet scents - and because they're selling fast too!

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Featured Bedding Plants

Geranium Plants

With their large clusters of flowers that sit on their bed of rounded leaves, geranium plants boast an elegant shape. They are easy to grow, colourful, and have a beautiful scent.

Shop Geraniums

Fuchsia Plants

With their protruding stamens and ruffled petals that are encased by their sepals, fuchsia flowers make an attractive and colourful plant for your outside area. 

Shop Fuchsias

Popular Bedding Plants

Your Questions Answered


Bedding Plants for Hanging Baskets

When filled with bedding plants, hanging baskets will add a wonderful flourish to your outdoor space. In this blog of our favourite hanging basket plants, we focus on both winter and summer species.



How to Grow Calibrachoa

Nicknamed 'Million Bells' Calibrachoa is a classic bedding plant that every gardener should try growing! Our detailed blog post on Calibrachoa growing tips provides everything you need for acheiving those for gracefully cascading blooms...

Bedding Plant FAQs

  • Order bedding plants online

    With minimal effort, watch a mix of beautiful blooms grow with our diverse collection of pre-planted bedding, or accentuate your garden with our easy to care for fuchsias. 

    In our range, you’ll find a selection of gorgeous bedding flowers to add the wow factor to your garden borders, pots or hanging baskets. Some of our most popular bedding plants for sale include fuchsias, violas, pansies and geraniums.

    With a vast selection of ornamental plants available, you can select the perfect mix for your garden. Choose bedding plants in complementing colours or opt for a mix of shades to introduce an explosion of colour to your outdoor space.

  • What are bedding plants?

    Bedding plants are fast-growing, temporary plants that are usually planted in flower beds, borders and hanging baskets. They are used by gardeners to create seasonal displays of colourful flowers. Bedding plants tend to be annuals, biennials or perennials.

    Some bedding plants are better suited to planting at different times of the year. In our range you’ll find a variety of spring and summer bedding plants, as well as winter bedding plants.

    For the best bedding plants make sure to take a look at our guide. 

  • Do bedding plants come back every year?

    It depends on the type of bedding plant you choose. Annual bedding plants usually flower only once a year, before dying. This type of bedding plant is great if you like to regularly change the plants in your garden.

    Biennial plants, on the other hand, have a two year life cycle. The first year is when the plan will grow its roots, stems and leaves. In the second year, the plant will flower before dying after the season. If you do wish to plant biennial bedding plants, many gardeners will plant in cycles, so there’s constantly a plant in bloom while others are in its first year.

    For bedding plants that bloom year after year, choose perennial bedding plants. These will flower every year and will usually grow larger. Most will die back over the winter before returning the following year. For all year round blooms, choose evergreen perennials.

    Browse our complete range of plants online today and get great prices when you shop online at Primrose.