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Raised Beds

Raised Beds

The horticulturalist’s ultimate tool – raised beds create the perfect growing conditions for your crops. Raised beds allow you to use specific soil for the plants, vegetables, and fruit that you want! Simply loosely pack your compost and aerated soil to provide pores for air and moisture to reach your plant's roots. 

Whether you’re looking for a garden fixture or are a green finger enthusiast looking to reduce your environmental impact, compete in the town fair, or simply stay active, we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from. Grow your own vegetables and fruit with our affordable selection of raised beds. If you're looking for a more decorative container to adorn your garden, take a look at our wood planters.

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How to Make A Raised Planter?

In this guide we outline a simple way of building your new raised bed as well as some useful information and inspiration on raised planters for your outdoor space. Read our 'How to Make a Raised Planter' guide for our tips.

how to line a planter boxhow to line a planter box

How to Line a Raised Bed Planter Box

If you want to use planter boxes for your next growing season, there are steps you can take to ensure both your plants and planter thrive. Find out how to line a planter box with our tips below!

Raised Beds FAQs

  • Discover raised beds for any garden

    Our raised grow beds are an essential part of any gardener’s garden and come in many different shapes and sizes, from planter tables to the more traditional square beds, so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs.

    The physical barrier means you’ll have fewer weeds from the surrounding area creeping into your nutritious fresh soil, and some pests such as the carrot fly are less likely to find their dinner. Whether you want to protect your plants from pests, pets, children, or just the lawnmower, a garden bed gets far less traffic so has better quality soil for seedlings.

    Depending on size, raised beds can be used to plant everything from trees for small gardens and ornamental shrubs to vegetables and soft fruits, not to mention flowers and herbs.

  • How deep should a raised bed garden be?

    First and foremost, the depth of a raised bed is more important than its length or width. You can control the soil that’s put into your raised grow bed by dictating how deep it is. Depth is also important as it needs to be deep enough for roots to grow downwards. Raised beds should be around 8 to 12 inches deep.

    The extra height will provide more space for root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, and potatoes, and allow for looser soil which is better for plants to grow. It can also be beneficial for small gardens to get a bigger yield out of limited space. At Primrose, we have included the approximate capacity in litres of each raised bed to give a sense of how much you can grow.

  • What goes on the bottom of raised beds?

    You can put organic matter at the bottom of your raised bed, such as compost, grass clippings, and leaves. Lay cardboard, newspaper, or burlap over the top to prevent weeds growing through the ground.

  • What materials do raised beds come in?

    Wood bedsplastic beds, and metal beds are available. Wooden ones are garden sleepers or railway sleepers that are often pressurised and treated to ensure a long lifespan.

    At Primrose, we are confident of our timber beds’ durability, so we offer a 15 year guarantee on our Chamberlain range of raised beds.

    Metal raised beds are made of galvanised steel that is protective and resistant to corrosion. Plastic raised beds are also very strong and durable, and offer great value for money.

  • Does it matter where I place my grow bed?

    It is recommended that you lay out your beds so that both of the long boards receive sunlight. This will be useful in warming the soil in the colder months. To do this, place your bed with a short board facing north. This can be gauged with a compass or you can simply wait for the sun to rise. Remember, in the winter the sun rises in the southeast and sets in the northwest, while in summer it rises in the northeast and sets in the southwest.

  • What are the best crops to grow in my bed?

    In general, we recommend that you practice crop rotation through rotating the crops you grow in four year cycles, in order to get the best possible yields. Although, if there is one crop to choose, it is asparagus, which has been traditionally grown as it suited to the well drained soil that the bed provides.

    For more ideas on how to grow your own crops, browse our fruit cages and grow tunnels online.

  • How much do sleepers weigh?

    Pine sleepers weigh between 50 and 60kg, which is approaching the weight of an adult female. Hardwood sleepers are even heavier. Due to their cumbersome nature, we advise lifting them with another.

    The key is to bend your knees, ensuring your back is straight. This will prevent injuries and ensure you are using your strongest muscles. Common injuries involve blunt trauma whereby poor coordination leads to crushed fingers and bruised feet.

  • How much are garden sleepers?

    It depends on the quantity you order. Most companies offer sleepers at low prices but with high delivery costs. At Primrose, our sleepers are priced higher, but delivery cost is £4.99 regardless of the quantity you order. This makes us highly competitive for small projects, although the price per sleeper falls significantly with quantity ordered.

    Our oak sleepers are more expensive than our pine sleepers. This is because as a dense hardwood, oak takes longer to grow and is more costly to transport with greater weight.

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