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Terracotta Planters

Terracotta is the premium material for any garden pot. Fired to over 1000 degrees Celsius, terracotta is both extremely tough and porous, which is perfect for healthy roots allowing both air and moisture to feed the plants.

A classic choice among gardeners, terracotta plant pots give an attractive Mediterranean feel with their warm colouring and rustic style. They are also fantastic at preventing soil disease and root rot, and are suitable for both houseplants and outdoor plants. 

Fibrecotta is a fantastic modern alternative material, composed of terracotta reinforced with fibreglass fibres. The material overcomes previous limitations and is both lightweight, resistant to frost, stronger and more durable, without compromising a fantastic finish. For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, have a look at our Planters Ideas & Advice hub

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Set of 2 White Round Bonsai Planters

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Advice on Terracotta Planters

What is a Planter?

What is a Planter?

We've outlined some of the ways you can differentiate between different types of planters to find one to suit you and your indoor/outdoor space perfectly. Read our 'What is a Planter?' guide for more.

How to Plant Flowers in Planters

How to Plant Flowers in Planters

Filling your planter with flowers is a great way to add decoration to your garden. Our handy guide reveals the tried and tested ways of how to plant flowers in large planters successfully.

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