From waterproof to breathable sail shades, we’re here to enable you to enjoy your garden with maximum comfort, whatever the weather. Join over 400,000 Kookaburra customers in staying protected
from the sun’s UV rays and staying sheltered from the rain under the comfortable safety of a shade sail.

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Choosing a Sail Shade

Top 5 Best Sail Shades for your Garden

With over 500 styles to choose from, there’s a perfect sail shade for every garden. Find the right one for you with our top 5 best sail shades.

Sail Shades Comparison Guide

From premium to standard and woven to knitted, compare the differences between the Kookaburra range with our sail shade comparison guide.

How to Install a Sail Shade

Sail Shade Installation Guide

Installing a sail shade doesn’t need to be complicated – we’ve developed a detailed sail shade installation guide to help you get the best from your sail.

How to Install a Sail Shade

In order to get the best from your sail shade, you must ensure that it’s well tensioned. Find out how to tension a sail shade in our step by step guide.

Care & Maintenance

How to Clean a Sail Shade

Sail shades require additional and regular care to keep them in tip top condition all year round. Read our tips on ‘how to clean a sail shade’ for an easy step by step guide.

Can You Leave a Sail Shade Up All Year?

Kookaburra sail shades are great additions to the garden all year round thanks to their UV protection and waterproof qualities. Find out all you need to know in our ‘Can You Leave a Sail Shade Up All Year?’ guide.

Gazebos Help & Advice

What is a Gazebo?

Learn what a gazebo is, the difference between them and other garden structures, and which is best for your garden with our straightforward ‘What is a Gazebo?’ guide.

How to Build a Gazebo?

Discover how to build a gazebo and how to set up different types of gazebo in your garden.

Best Gazebos in the UK

If you search for a gazebo you’ll quickly see a myriad of options in different shapes, sizes, styles, colours, and even materials. Find out the best gazebos in our guide.

How to Decorate a Gazebo?

A gazebo is a great option for adding some social space into the garden. Discover fresh ideas for how to decorate a gazebo and get tips for doing it too.

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