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Breathable Sail Shades


Breathable Sail Shades

Bring some fun to your get together with our breathable sail shades in a variety of colours! Host your guests under a stylish sail shade perfect for the hot weather. Breathable sail shades are knitted to allow cool air to pass under and warm air to rise and escape, protecting you from a warm suntrap in your outdoor area.

For a wealth of expertise and inspiration, see Sail Shades Ideas & Advice

You can attach your breathable party sail shades to walls, fences, posts, poles, and fixings, and even trees. Just take a look at our range of flexible accessories. Browse more options including standard sail shades. 

  • UPF 14 (blocks up to 90% UV rays – certified)
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty as standard
  • 185gsm polymer weave
  • Fabric breathes to allow air cooling circulation
  • Grade 304 stainless steel triangle rings at each corner – very strong 5mm diameter
  • Rot proof, easy to clean

For a direct comparison betwen breathable and waterproof shade sails, see our comparison page

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How to Install a Sail Shade

Get the best from your sail with the correct installation for your space. Follow our sail shade installation guide for our recommendations of how to install your shade sail.

Sail Shade Comparison Guide

If you're not sure which sail shade may be best for your garden, have a look at our sail shade comparison guide to find out the differences between our Kookaburra sail shades.

Breathable Sail Shades FAQs 

  • Can you leave shade sails up all year? 

    Depending on the fixture method used to set up the sail shade, they can be up all year provided they are installed correctly. For best performance year round, clean the shade cloth regularly using mild detergent, warm water and a soft brush. For more information, see our guide on ‘Can You Leave a Sail Shade Up All Year?’.
  • Are sail shades waterproof?

    Shade sails can have different purposes so are made out of different materials – for example, our breathable shade sails are made to give you cool air on a warm day so are made from breathable fabric. Unless your shade sail is stated otherwise, it will likely not be waterproof. We do, however, have a wide range of woven waterproof shade sails for you to choose from if you’re looking to protect an area of your garden from the rain.
  • Can I wash a Kookaburra sail shade?

    Yes you can! Kookaburra shade sails can be cleaned whenever you need to – just use a mild detergent and warm water. Gently clean it with a soft brush. For a more detailed guide, see ‘How to Clean a Sail Shade’.
  • Are all shade sails permeable? 

    Not all of them. We offer breathable shade sails which are made of knitted weave fabric, allowing hot air to escape, and are indeed permeable. However, we also offer waterproof sail shades that are non-permeable, which are taped at the seams to prevent water ingress.
  • How do I install a sail shade?

    Sail shade installation can seem a bit daunting. Thankfully, we have a handy guide on how to install a sail shade that is super easy to follow along.