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Garden Obelisks


If you’re looking for a creative way to display climbing plants in your garden, a garden obelisk could be the perfect choice for you. Providing essential support for your climbing plants, garden obelisks are a beautiful way to add to the decor of your garden.

In our collection of garden obelisks, you’ll find conical designs made from wood, willow and metal, each designed to support the growth and appearance of your climbing plants. Discover even more plant supports in our full collection here at Primrose.

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  • What is a garden obelisk for?

    The conical structures known as garden obelisks act as supports for all kinds of climbing plants and flowers – this makes them the perfect choice for growing taller, climbing plants away from fences and walls.
  • How do I use an obelisk in my garden?

    If you have a climbing plant that you’d like to grow away from a wall or fence, a garden obelisk will allow the plant to thrive and twine around its conical structure wherever you may place it.

    Simply ground the garden obelisk in the desired location, whether that be on a patio or in the middle of a flower bed, then support your plant along the obelisk with garden twine until it matures and naturally grows around the structure.

  • What plants can I grow using an obelisk?

    The idea is that the climbing plant you’re growing will eventually obstruct the view of the obelisk, so flowering plants such as clematis are a fantastic choice. Of course, you can use a garden obelisk to grow produce such as runner beans and peas, should you wish to make practical use of the structure.

    Discover our full range of plant supports here at Primrose, suited for supporting the growth of a range of climbing plants and vegetables. If you’re not sure if an obelisk is right for your garden, you can find trellises, pergolas and lots more available online.