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The purest form of planting, seeds are an excellent way to control every aspect of your plant's growth, to nurture from beginning to end. We've flower seeds, vegetable seeds and herb seeds to fill your garden with, all to create a bountiful crop or colourful display wherever and however you choose!

Not only is it a great way to grow your own plants, but they're great for getting kids involved in the garden too as they get to watch their progress! For a wealth of information and expertise on everything plant-related, check out our Plants hub.

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Your Questions Answered

Seedling growing in a containerSeedling growing in a container

The best way to get the perfect garden started is to learn how to start seeding your plants indoors, which helps them to avoid being eaten by those pesky birds. 

Bright yellow sunflower Bright yellow sunflower

Folklore states that sunflowers turn to follow the direction of the sun through the sky, follow our directions for growing from seed to ensure gloriously grown sunflowers. 

Seeds FAQs

  • How do I grow my seeds?

    Planting seeds is the first step in growing your own plants and crops. Despite the many varieties of seeds there are, they can be planted by using a seed tray and potting mix. For beginners we recommend starting off planting seeds indoors to make the process easier. 

    In general, when planting seeds, consider the following:

    • How deep the seeds should be planted in the soil (as a rule of thumb, plant at a depth of twice the width of the seed)
    • Ensure the soil is moist enough and there is access to direct sunlight for the germination to take place

    For an in-depth guide on this process, check out our guide on how to start seeding your plants indoors

    If you're interested in growing your own crops, have a look at our Grow Your Own page, where you have everything available to complete your dream garden.

  • What are the advantages to growing seeds?

    Aside from the experience of watching your seeds grow from the care you put in, growing your own plants is a fantastic way to save money. Not only is it a learning experience for the amateur gardener, it's a satisfying one for those who are looking to grow their own fresh produce, which also happens to be completely organic! As the seeds grow you have total control over every aspect that goes into their growth. 

    Growing seeds is a satisfying experience that requires love, care and a little patience. For the beginners, or the non-green thumbed, we recommend growing seedlings indoors as this increases the chances they will flourish. 

    Looking to learn more about plant propagation? Check out our Plant Propagation page that contains everything you need to grow and nourish your own little garden.