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On the Primrose Blog, you'll find everything you need to turn your garden from good to great. Through planting guides, style advice, gardening info and more, become a gardening expert with the help of our writers and guests!

  1. How to Grow Cucumbers in the UK

    How to Grow Cucumbers in the UK
    Cucumbers are a later-spring/summer favourite, with their crisp skin, cool insides and ubiquitous presence in salads. Growing your own is a worthy endeavour, but it's good to get some tips in before committing to the attempt. Why not try to get growing with the kids? Not only might they learn something, but it might work a trick to get them...
  2. Managing a drought-struck lawn

    Managing a drought-struck lawn
    Putting it mildly, it's been pretty hot lately. The UK's seen some of the highest temperatures it's ever experienced, and we've all felt the drag of an obscenely hot few days. But we aren't the only ones who've suffered - our poor plants and lawns have also felt the burn. More likely than not, your lawn has been looking a...
  3. The Best Gazebos In The UK

    The Best Gazebos In The UK
    If you search for a gazebo you’ll quickly see a myriad of options in different shapes, sizes, styles, colours, and even materials. We've even dived into 'what is a gazebo' ourselves to get to the bottom of this enigmatic garden building. To keep it simple, we've divided the answer based on two simple questions. Do you want something temporary, or...
  4. How Much Do Awnings Cost?

    Awnings are split into four main categories at Primrose, in ascending order of quality (and price): Budget, Standard, Half Cassette, and Full Cassette. These are then subdivided into Manual and Electric (where appropriate), to end up with a huge range. The costs vary, so we're going to try and summarise them into price bands to give you a feel for...