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On the Primrose Blog, you'll find everything you need to turn your garden from good to great. Through planting guides, style advice, gardening info and more, become a gardening expert with the help of our writers and guests!

  1. How To Plant Runner Beans

    The first thing you need to decide is where in the garden you want to grow your runner beans. You don’t need to have a veg garden, as they'll be just as happy to grow up a cane in a large pot or in the middle of a flower bed. Where should my runner beans go? 'Hestia' Dwarf Runner Bean...
  2. When To Plant Shrubs In The UK

    When To Plant Shrubs In The UK
    Shrubs that have been grown in a container can be planted at any time of the year, apart from when the ground is frozen solid or waterlogged. Without a question, autumn is the best time to plant your shrubs this is as the soil is still warm, so the roots will put on some growth before the start of winter...
  3. The 9 Best Autumn Bedding Plants in the UK

    As the summer bedding plants start to lose their vigour, the garden can start to lose its summer colour and be in of some brightening up. Autumn bedding plants are ideal for this, all you need to do is swap the summer bedding plants for Autumn ones. Many Autumn bedding plants are cold tolerant and as long as there is...
  4. The 10 Best Hardy Perennial Plants in the UK

    Across borders and pots, these are the 10 best hardy perennials for UK gardens.   What are hardy perennial plants? Hardy perennials are plants that are expected to live longer than three years. Unlike annuals which complete their life cycle in one year and biennials that need two years to mature and set seed, perennials are typically hardy plants that will...