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Sail Shades

Sail Shades

Sail shades are fabric structures built like a ship’s sail, hung from anchor points on walls, poles, fences or trees to create an area of shade outdoors. Available in over 500 shapes, styles, sizes and colours, these semi-permanent structures can be mounted in almost any position at any angle and against most surfaces to provide soothing shade in even difficult-to-reach areas.

Not sure which sail shade is right for you? Check out our comparison page to find your perfect sail shade between breathable and waterproof styles, then read our installation guide to fit it in a flash!

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Which is right: Waterproof or Breathable?


Waterproof sail shich causes rainwater to slide off and keeps you comfortable and dry when the unpredictable British weather strikes.

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Our breathable range features both standard and party styles, with a bespoke knitting process that leaves tiny holes in the fabric of the sail shade.

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Sail Shade FAQs

  • What is a sail shade?

    Sail Shades are fabric structures like a ship’s sail, hung from anchor points to create an area of shade outdoors. They offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to creating a stylish custom shade solution for the garden. Available in many shapes and sizes, these semi-permanent structures can be mounted in almost any position, at any angle and against most surfaces to provide soothing shade for even the most difficult to reach areas.

  • Do sail shades really work?

    With scientific research highlighting the dangers of prolonged sun exposure, a safe shaded area in the garden is a fantastic idea for protecting friends and family from harmful UV rays. A garden sail shade offers invaluable sun protection - with minimum 90% UV ray protection on all Kookaburra models - whilst making a stylish and colourful addition to the garden.

  • Do sail shades last?

  • Are sail shades permanent?

  • How easy is it to install sail shades?

  • Why choose a Kookaburra sail shade?

  • What's the right size of sail shade for me?

    The right size of sail shade can be found by measuring the distance between the fixing points you intend to hang the sail shade from. 

    It’s important to get these measurements right so that there’s sufficient tension along the edges of the sail shade to keep it suspended, but there is a small margin either side. 

    For example, if your measurements are close to 5m x 4m, then a 5m x 4m sail shade will likely be the perfect fit for your garden.

  • What kind of sail shades are available?

    Once you have the right size, the next most important factor to consider is the colour of your sail shade. The right colour for you will be down to personal preference, but we recommend looking for a colour that will complement the style of your garden and house.

    We offer a wide range of coloured sail shades from neutrals that blend into the background to bright, bold colours that will transform your sail shade into a statement garden feature. 

  • What kind of shape is a sail shade?

    Sail shades typically come in three main shapes – triangle, rectangle and square. Triangle sail shades provide less shade than a square, but their main advantage is that they can be more flexible. Square and rectangle sail shades provide greater coverage and mimic the performance of an awning. 

    The key point to remember with a square or rectangle sail shade is that they are not perfectly square. The sides are bowed (known as parabolic curved edges) to allow for that all important tension in the sail.

  • Should I get a triangle, rectangle or a square sail shade?

    If you’re wanting maximum coverage, we recommend choosing arectangle orsquare sail shade. However, atriangle sail shade is typically more flexible and is often popular for smaller spaces or areas that don’t have as many obvious fixing points. Browse our full range ofsail shades here at Primrose.
  • How do I install my garden sail shade?

    Successfully installing a sail shade in your garden comes down to two things – having the right measurements, and the rightfittings. While it’s down to you to provide accurate measurements, we can help with the fittings. Our sail shade kits are designed to include all the small parts you’ll need to fix your garden sail shade.
  • What’s included in a sail shade kit?

    There are three key parts you’ll need to fit a sail shade – pad eyes, turnbuckles and snaphooks. To save you from individually buying these parts, our sail shade kits include the correct number of each fitting you’ll need for a successful installation.
  • How do you anchor a shade sail?

    Shade sails are anchored by connecting the corners to solid points such as exterior walls and structures. You attach them to the walls using a number of fittings including pad eyes, turnbuckles and snaphooks. 

    To make it easier for you to anchor your shade sail, our shade sail kits are designed to include everything you need to anchor and provide the right tension for your shade sail. Discover even more essential shade sail fittings in our full range ofsail shades here at Primrose.

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