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10LTR Pro-Grow Multi Purpose Compost - Peat Free

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10LTR Pro-Grow Multi Purpose Compost - Peat Free

This compost is enriched with nutrients and essential trace elements as it is made from green garden material generated by households throughout Hampshire. With added fertiliser to boost the health of your plants, Pro-Grow Compost encourages healthy roots at the same time as improving soil fertility, structure, and moisture retention. Highly versatile, this compost can be used with almost any plant in the garden, either established growths or new seedlings. This compost can also be used for general soil improvement.

Good for the Garden and the Environment

This multi-purpose compost can be used anywhere in the garden - great for beds and borders but also perfect for hanging baskets, planters, and re-potting. Better for the environment - this compost is completely peat-free!


  • Boosts the health of your plants - specially designed to boost the health of your plants for 6 to 8 weeks
  • Designed to encourage healthy growth - encourages healthy roots, leading to better nutrient transfer
  • Provides nutrients to your plants - blended with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sulphur and other trace nutrients
  • 10Ltr bag
  • Weight: 5kg
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Why X?

Why should you buy peat-free compost?

This compost is a sustainable, fully renewable solution to peat based composts, and as far more environmentally friendly. Peat safely absorbs and stores carbon, and so when destroyed for harvesting it releases this carbon into the atmosphere. The destruction of peat bogs, therefore, contributes to global warming. Peat holds water, and over 70% of the UK?s drinking water comes from upland catchments, most of which contain peat. Buying peat-free compost protects the peat itself, the habitat of the plants and animals thriving in them, and the overall wetland structure of the UK.

Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Type Compost
Quantity 10l