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Bermuda Barley Straw Pond Treatment | 6 month Supply

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Bermuda Barley Straw Pond Treatment - 6 month Supply

For hundreds of years it has been recognised that adding Barley Straw to wells has freshened the water and reduced the growth of green algae. Use Bermuda Barley Straw for the treatment of algae in ponds. Our barley straw is pet and wildlife friendly and is safe for fish and plants.

Directions for use

Once the straw has been added to the water it starts to decompose. This can take anything from 2 to 6 weeks, dependant on the temperature of the water, as the warmer the water temperature the quicker it breaks down. It is at this time that it is believed by many that by using oxygen which appears naturally in the pond water, the Barley Straw cells are released into the water, oxidate into Humic Acid, which is then converted into low level Hydrogen Peroxide which disturbs the growth of new algae cells, therefore removing the green algae from the water.

  • A great benefit in using a material as natural as Barley Straw is that it does not affect the health or well being of pond life, ornamental fish or aquatic plants
  • Bermuda Barley Straw is also safe if pets or wildlife drink from the pond
  • Mega Bale
  • Treats up to 13,500 Litres (3,000 Gallons) for 6 months
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