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Stone Bird Baths

Stone Bird Baths

Bird baths make for a lovely addition to any garden, but particularly if you love bird watching. A well-placed bird bath can attract all kinds of garden birds making for hours of relaxing fun, but you should make sure to choose a bird bath that complements your garden.

Our stone bird baths are available in a range of designs, so whether you’re looking for a traditional bird bath or something a little more modern, you’ll be able to find a stone bird bath to suit your garden. Discover even more bird baths available here at Primrose.

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Stone Bird Bath FAQs

  • What is a stone bird bath?

    Simply put, a stone bird bath is a bird bath made from stone! They come in many different designs including a bowl on a pedestal or a bowl on its own and can be placed in various spots around your garden. The bowl should be filled with clean, shallow water to allow birds to bathe and sip safely.
  • Should I put rocks in my stone bird bath?

    It’s common practice to put gravel or stones in the bottom of a bird bath. While stone bird baths often provide enough grip for birds to enjoy the water without slipping, birds can struggle to find enough grip on other bird bath materials. Adding gravel or stones to the deepest part of the bird bath can help them settle for longer.
  • Why is stone a good material for a bird bath?

    Stone bird baths are a heavy-duty choice that are likely to be able to withstand inclement weather conditions without taking much damage. Stone basins can be susceptible to cracking in cold weather, but if you properly treat the stone with a resin treatment this shouldn’t be a problem.

    The main reason that stone is a good material for a bird bath is the grip that it offers the birds you’re hoping to attract. Unlike ceramic bird baths, stone bird baths aren’t slippery meaning birds will find it easier to perch and enjoy the water. However, if stone isn’t the right look for your garden, you may find the perfect bird bath for you in our full bird bath collection at Primrose.