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Garden Mirrors

Bring light and elegance to your garden with our extensive selection of garden mirrors. A great choice for adding light to shady areas, and a stylish solution to concealing any unsightly walls and fences that you may have in your garden. Illusion mirrors will keep your visitors guessing, while shuttered mirrors can create a window-style look where there might otherwise be a bland wall. Gothic mirrors are great for making a statement, while round and acrylic mirrors are modern twists on traditional styles. However you like to self-reflect, this is the place to find what fits for you.

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Garden Mirror FAQs

  • Garden Mirrors

    If certain parts of your garden always seem to be too shady - perhaps they’re made gloomy by overhanging branches or just don’t get much time in the sun - then an outdoor mirror might be the best solution to bring in a bit more light.

    As well as bouncing sunshine into darker corners, mirrors can create the illusion of depth, which is particularly useful for virtually extending the space in small gardens. Of course, just like indoor mirrors, they can also simply be an attractive decorative feature for your home.

  • Are acrylic or glass mirrors best for outdoors?

    Mirrors have been made from glass for over a thousand years, which was a big improvement on the polished stones used beforehand. Nowadays, manufacturing techniques have been refined to give near perfect reflections. But modern mirrors can also be made from acrylic, which is a great alternative for the outdoors.

    Acrylic mirrors are made from a type of plastic that is 10 times stronger than glass, so it won’t shatter if knocked in the garden. It is also 80% lighter, which makes it easier to install on your outside walls - it can be screwed or even glued to a flat surface. Acrylic sheets can also be cut to size with a knife so they’ll fit perfectly in the desired space.

    Though heavier, glass mirrors are made from a harder material than acrylic. This makes it more resistant to scratches, which may be caused by passing animals, branches or weather. So with glass, you will have a crystal clear reflection for much longer. To keep the glass looking new, you will need to polish it on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can leave it to weather naturally for a more rustic aesthetic.

  • How to style garden mirrors

    There are a variety of designs available so you can find the perfect mirror for your tastes, be it a Gothic centrepiece or a more subtle sheet mirror.

    Many are designed to look like windows, so they will blend into the wall on which they’re placed. Rather than drawing attention to themselves, they will reflect light, creating the feeling of additional space.

    For a natural feel, we offer shabby chic models and trellis mirrors, around which you can grow plants to extend the beauty of your flowerbeds. Our mirrors, especially the sheet ones, are available in many different shapes and sizes to fit where you need them.

  • Where is the best place to put a mirror in the garden?

    Mirrors in gardens are safe, but be careful where you place your garden mirrors. While it’s extremely unlikely that direct sunlight will cause fires, it could damage the condition of the mirror or create glare that shines into your house or impact the flight of birds. Be mindful of how the sunlight hits and reflects on your garden mirror and adjust accordingly.
    For advice on how to use a garden mirror make sure to take a look at our guide.
  • How to use illusion mirrors in the garden

    Trompe-l'œil is an optical illusion where perspective is forced to make flat objects appear to exist in three dimensions. You can bring a touch of this to your garden, either as a fun talking point or simply to extend your space with a bit of trickery.

    Our illusion mirrors are built into the frames of windows or garden gates, which appear to be slightly ajar and open onto unreachable worlds beyond. You and your guests will be forever doing double takes!

  • The Primrose Promise

    At Primrose, we’re only satisfied when you are thrilled with your purchases and our service. All our outdoor mirrors - and indeed every product we sell - is covered by the Primrose Promise. This includes a best price guarantee, minimum two-year warranty and 30 days to return.
  • How to use other mirrors in your garden

    Mirrors have the power to totally transform your outdoor space, allowing light to bounce around and adding dimensions. Just having a mirror on its own with nothing around it won’t do much, make the most of your garden mirrors and add character by knowing how to place it effectively. 

    You should hang your mirror among plants to enhance their brilliance – this will help create the illusion of a larger garden by adding depth and hiding the edges of it among foliage and greenery. Blending your mirror in with greenery will also stop birds from flying into them and hurting themselves.

    If you have stone walls, you can add a pop of colour with a window frame mirror or a unique shape to add interest. The reflections in the mirror will gradually change throughout the year as we move from summer to autumn, and winter. Placing a mirror among awater feature or while reflecting agarden sculpture are also good ways to show off your designs.
  • Can you use normal mirrors in the garden?

    Outdoor mirrors are designed and manufactured to be placed outside. Indoor mirrors haven’t been treated to be weather resistant and could end up being damaged, especially due to rainfall. You can weatherproof indoor mirrors, however, if you want to save time and effort and use a product you know will stand the test of time, your best bet is to buy a mirror that has been made to live outside.
  • Can a mirror in the garden cause a fire?

    It is always important to consider safety when installing features in your garden. When placing a mirror outside, you should avoid placing it where it will get direct sunlight for a long time as you could burn your plants and flowers where light is reflected as well as create an uncomfortable glare and even crack the glass. UK summers can sometimes reach high temperatures, so it is best to be safe and keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • Are garden mirrors bad for birds?

    Attracting wildlife is a great benefit of having a beautiful and lively garden, and watching them explore your outside space is a delight. Because of this, you should avoid using garden mirrors without considering how it will impact birds. Avoid confusing birds with outdoor mirrors as they could fly into them and fatally hurt themselves.

    As mentioned above, place your mirrors among foliage so birds don’t attempt to fly through them. Before installing it, pay attention to where birds fly so you can place yours strategically. Look after the wildlife in your garden instead withbird baths andbird feeders.