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Bark Screening

Bark Screening 

Choose from our bark fencing screens for gardens to give your outdoor space a natural look while covering up unsightly fencing. This responsibly-sourced outdoor screening is made from strips of bark and makes a great cover with a rustic look. Being a natural product, sizes of the individual slats vary, making this one of the prettier screening products.

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Bark Screening FAQs

  • Benefits of bark screening

    Bark is a great material for covering up any unnattractive fences and creating extra privacy in your garden. Screens for gardens can also be useful for creating boundaries around your plants, should you need to provide them with shade. Your bark screening can be attached to canopies and pergolas to offer extra shade there, too.

    What's more, bark is very durable and long-lasting, so it can withstand harsh weather conditions while protecting your fence.

    All our bark screening is sustainably sourced. We also work with the UK Forestry Commission and ensure the bark is fully certified and free of pests.

  • Bark screens for gardens

    Choosing bark screening for your garden is a great choice if you want to hide your fences with a natural boundary. As the rolls of bark screen are made from organic material, each slat varies in size and colour, creating a wonderful rustic look.

  • Can you cut bark screening?

    Bark screens for gardens can be cut to the height you need, so the screening perfectly covers fences of all sizes.

  • How do I attach my bark screen?

    To ensure your screen is securely attached to your fence or wall, we recommend using galvanised wire and ratchet strainers.
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    If you're looking for other natural and durable options to create privacy in your home, why not check out our willow, brushwood or bamboo screening? We have a number of garden screening materials to improve the look of your fences. Browse our complete range online and find fantastic deals on our garden screening for sale.