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Lean-To Greenhouses

Lean-to Greenhouses

A popular alternative to regular greenhouses, lean-to options are perfect for compact spaces while giving you the room you need to home-grow a range of plants and keep your tools and equipment safe.

Browse our comprehensive range of stylish yet practical lean-to greenhouses in a range of sizes, frame materials, and types of glazing.

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Lean-to Greenhouse FAQs

  • What is a lean-to greenhouse?

    As the name suggests, lean-to greenhouses are a half-structure designed to lean against a wall or fencing with a pent-style roof and are great options for space-saving. Rather than squeezing a standard greenhouse in your outdoor area, the lean-to avoids eating up unnecessary space. 

    We also offer a range of greenhouse accessories and staging and shelving to make the most out of your home grower.

  • What are the benefits of a lean-to greenhouse

    While lean-to greenhouses can be as big or small as you need, they are designed to retain heat and do so just as well as a regular greenhouse. The glazing material retains heat while the wall it is propped up against helps insulate it even more. If they are big enough, you can walk into them and will have plenty of space to do what you’ve planned, making gardening in winter easier without having to layer up in outdoor clothes.

    Lean-to greenhouses are also weatherproof as they are given more protection by the wall or fence it is propped up against.

  • What direction should a lean-to greenhouse face?

    Firstly, you need to make sure the structure you're placing your lean-to against is stable and isn't likely to fall apart or rot, and that there's nothing overhanging it to block access to the sun. The best way to maximise what you get out of your greenhouse is to make sure your planters get the most sun than anywhere else in your garden, which can vary from house to house. Ideally, it should be propped up against the wall of a heated house to keep it warm during the winter.

  • How do I attach a lean-to greenhouse?

    You should attach your lean-to greenhouse to your home or fence to make sure it is safe and stable in all different types of weather. When choosing a place to secure it, make sure your greenhouse is on a base that is level and screw nails into the corresponding holes into your structure.

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