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The perfect solution for growing your own fruit and vegetables at home. Keep your crops sheltered and protected from the elements. Polytunnels are perfect for growing exotic plants such as tomatoes with temperatures significantly higher than outside, which also allows you to extend the growing season and induce early germination. Alternatively, view our selection of greenhouses.

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Polytunnel FAQs

  • Can I grow my own crops with a polytunnel?

    We all know British weather can be variable at best, which can make growing your own fruit and vegetables tricky. With a grow tunnel, you can protect your crops from the wind and rain, while also trapping in the heat to get the best growing environment, which is important for plants that need warmer climates.

    Our polytunnels are made from high-quality reinforced plastic and rust-resistant frames. They’re easy to assemble yourself and can be kitted out with extras like staging and shelving or garden paths. As a space-efficient growing environment, polytunnels are perfect for gardens and allotments – we stock a range of sizes and designs so you can find the perfect fit you need.

  • Are polytunnels as good as greenhouses?

    Polytunnels have their pros and cons when compared to your typical greenhouse. It just depends on your needs and what will best suit your garden. 

    Polytunnels can be a cheaper option, which is ideal if you’re on a budget. They can offer more growing space and are flexible in terms of increasing the interior space as well as moving them to different spaces in your garden if needed. However, disadvantages include that they aren't resilient to extreme weather including strong winds and frost, aren't resilient to pets and birds, and if not installed properly, can allow condensation to build which can encourage mould to grow and damage your plants.

    Overall, polytunnels can be wonderful structures and provide good value for money.

  • How long do polytunnels last?

    These grow tunnels can last for around 4 to 5 years, however, it is possible for them to last longer than this estimate. And when the polythene cover needs replacement, it is rather cheap.

    You can also maintain your polytunnel to extend its longevity. Avoid placing it where it could be exposed to wind damage. You can add extra structural support like bracing and crop bars as well as retightening it whenever you notice it becomes slack.

    Make sure you repair any damage when you notice it to prevent it from becoming worse.

  • What to grow in a polytunnel over the winter

    When summer is over and we edge closer to autumn, some may falsely believe the growing season has come to an end. However, with preparation and a Primrose polytunnel, you can yield a good harvest during the winter. In fact, the colder months can be the perfect time for sowing certain seeds.

    There are plenty of seasonal vegetables you can start planting when the temperature falls, including:

    Discover more types of greenhouse at Primrose, including fruit cagesmini greenhouses and more - perfect for growing your own!

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