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Every gardener needs a greenhouse. As growing food at home becomes more popular, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality greenhouses for your garden at great prices.

Whether you have a small area with limited space or a vast garden with the opportunity for your glasshouse to be the centrepiece of your outdoor space, we've got you covered. Choose from freestanding greenhouses to lean-to greenhouses, as well as mini greenhouses - there’s something for every garden.

Extras for your Greenhouse

Compost & Fertiliser

 Get the most from your greenhouse and help your grows to flourish with the right compost & fertiliser.

Fruit Cages

Find new ways to keep your fresh fruit from creatures and pests with our range of fruit cages.

Grow Kits

Looking for a quick and simple way to grow fruit and vegetables? Shop our ready-to-grow kits.

Greenhouse Accessories

 All the add-ons and extras you need to help make your greenhouse perfect.

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Greenhouses FAQs

  • Browse greenhouses for sale online

    Greenhouses work by letting in the sun’s heat through glass or polycarbonate panels and trapping the warmth inside. You can rely on consistent temperatures throughout the season, propagating seeds, fruits, vegetables, and other plants in the most effective way possible.

  • What is the best garden greenhouse?

    If you’ve been growing your own fruit and vegetables and are looking for ways to expand your harvest, you need to consider the best type of glasshouse for your garden, which can depend on many different factors. There are a few considerations you should consider when choosing yours.

    ●      Freestanding greenhouses can be placed anywhere in your garden and allow light in from all sides.

    ●      Lean-to greenhouses are smaller and are placed against a wall or fence, however this means they get less sun.

    ●      Polytunnels are made from steel hoops and covered with a clear plastic. A cheaper option, polytunnels aren't as aesthetically pleasing as a glasshouse but certainly get the job done just as well.

    ●      Aluminium glasshouses don't rust in comparison to a wooden option and can be disassembled and moved easily if needed.

    ●      Wooden frames can be more expensive but will provide a more traditional look to most gardens and generally keeps in more heat than aluminium.

    When it comes to choice of glass, a polycarbonate greenhouse would be ideal if there are children running around incase of injury. This type of glazing is shatterproof, however if you live in a particularly windy location, we would recommend toughened glass to prevent it blowing out of the frame in extreme weather. In any other circumstances, horticulture glass is fine.

  • Where is the best place to position a greenhouse?

    In the UK our growing season can be short, and variable at best. Having a sheltered space in the garden for capturing early spring heat while offering protection from winter frost can make all the difference in giving your plants the best chance of thriving.

    The trick to choosing the perfect place for your new greenhouse is balancing the need for shelter and sun. Make sure you position your greenhouse in the sunniest part of the garden with the longest side facing south.

    If it is a lean-to style, always locate it on a south-facing wall, if possible. Too much exposure to strong winds can cause damage, so try to use fencing or garden screening as wind shields. Make sure to always leave a bit of space around for maintenance and installation. Avoid overhanging branches which could block too much of the sun or risk falling and breaking the roof panels.

  • Greenhouse accessories

    Once installed, it’s time to kit it out with a range of greenhouse accessories. There are a number of ventilation options on offer to prevent overheating, including automatic vent arms.

    For the colder days, you can bring some warmth with a hanging or freestanding heater. Use staging and shelving to get the most out of the space, and keep your planting easy to access and water. Or you can even install an irrigation system to make watering even easier.

    We offer plant grow kits, garden tools and equipment as well as everything else you need to start your harvest.