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Lawn Edging

Lawn Edging

Garden border edging provides the perfect finishing touch to your garden design. It also eliminates the need for constant lawn edge trimming and reduces weed transfer - the gardener's dream!

We stock many types of lawn edging here at Primrose. Decorative garden edging is held in the earth but sits above ground. It's perfect for providing a stylish border around flower beds. Ground supporting edging sits in the ground. It's more functional and is ideal for marking out clean, crisp lines between different heights of ground, like soil and grass.

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    2m Woven Hazel Hurdle Lawn Edging - H15cm
    Versatile design Eco-friendly boundaries
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lawn edging installationlawn edging installation

How to Install Lawn Edging

Crisp, precise borders can really take your garden design to the next level. They're tricky to get right and maintain by hand, which is where plastic or metal edging strips can be incredibly useful. We've put together a guide for how to install lawn edging in simple, clear steps.

lawn edging ideaslawn edging ideas

Lawn Edging Ideas for Borders

Borders shouldn’t be boring. Whether you have unruly flowerbeds, weeds creeping out from the grass or simply want a designer divider, edging is a great addition to any garden. Discover lawn edging ideas for perfect borders in our guide.

Lawn Edging FAQs

  • What does lawn edging do?

    If you struggle to keep the edges of your grass tidy or stop the soil crumbling away then lawn edging is the perfect solution. Edging is usually pinned to the borders of the lawn to give a secure side and crisp boundary.

    Many of the varieties are flexible, available as lawn edging strips as well as lawn edging rolls, so can follow a curved edge as well as straight. All it takes is a bit of cutting to clear the area, and then you can pin your edging into place.

    For more installation information, read our guide on how to install lawn edging.
  • Types of lawn garden border edging

    Adding edging to your garden is all about landscaping the area, taming nature to create the ideal space you want to be in. As such, there are many variations of edging to suit the aesthetics you have in mind - whether you want in ground lawn edging that’s invisible in your final design, or above ground edging to add a decorative touch.

  • Preparing for lawn edging

    There are a variety of lawn edging tools you can use to prepare your lawns for edging. A half moon blade is ideal for cutting through turf for a sharp, neat margin. You will then have a clear area to press the edging into the borders.

    To cut the edges of your lawn - which is often tricky to manage with a mower - you can use a trimmer. This is a serrated blade that rolls along at the end of a handle, cleanly cutting through the grass. It’s very useful for keeping the edges tidy, no matter what the shape of your lawn. If you'd like to make a start but don't know where or how to, have a look at our inspiration guide on lawn edging ideas for perfect borders

  • Order your garden border edging from Primrose

    A trusted supplier of all things garden, Primrose is the best place to go for your border edging. As well as next working day delivery, many products are also discounted so you can easily afford to border your whole garden.

    Plus, any purchase you make with us is covered by a 1 year warranty and 30 days to return unwanted items.

  • How do you fit FlexiBorder lawn edging?

    FlexiBorder lawn edging is an incredibly easy to use product that doesn’t require intensive or complicated installation. All you need to do is design the area you want to border and place it across your desired location, place the pegs in the holes that it comes with, and hammer them through the soil to secure it. FlexiBorder is flexible too, so you can create curves and bends in your design.
  • Can you cut FlexiBorder?

    Yes, you can cut it if it is too long for what you have in mind. Simply cut it with a saw to your desired length. Browse our gardening tools and equipment where we offer handsaws to achieve the perfect size border.
  • Does edging stop weeds?

    Lawn edging can prevent weed issues and gives your lawn a crisp and professional-looking landscape while also stopping any weeds from spilling over. If you'd like to keep your lawn edging in pristine condition, have a look at our in-depth guide on how to keep lawn edges neat
  • How do I keep my mulch from washing away?

    To stop any mulch you’ve applied to your soil from washing away, you can create a physical barrier to keep it in the area you want with lawn edging.