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Tools & Equipment

Garden Tools & Equipment

Essential elements of the gardeners toolkit, these tools and equipment are all you need to hit the ground running - or digging - in your own back garden. Our hand tools will help you get stuck into planting and pruning, while our power tools will help get the job done when you need something a little stronger or have a bigger job to hand. Whatever you need to do in the garden, we've got the tool to get it done.

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Tools & Equipment FAQs

  • What equipment do you need to garden?

    Take the backbreaking labour out of gardening with our wide range of garden tools and equipment designed to make your life easier. Whether you're starting a new big project and need some garden tools to make it happen, or are simply looking for some handy equipment to simplify your garden maintenance, there are plenty of gadgets for you to try. 

    Have you ever had backache after a long day of working in the garden? A wheelbarrow can lighten the load on your shoulders. Garden equipment such as ladders, platforms, and staging also help keep your efforts safe and comfortable.

  • What should be in a garden toolkit?

    A gardener's toolkit has some staple contents; garden hand tools such as spades, trowels, rakes, and pruning tools are just a few of the utensils used regularly in most gardens. However there are some garden jobs which just need that extra bit of oomph, and that's where you want a reliable power tool that's fit for the task. 

    All sorts of clearance jobs from big to small are made so much easier with the right bit of machinery - a chainsaw for keeping trees in order, hedge trimmers for tidying those edges, and a leaf blower for speedy clearance in the autumn.

  • How to keep your garden tidy

    It's all very well having a lovely garden to enjoy, but if there's nowhere to stow your clutter then it will never look its best. Not only that but tools left lying around in the garden can be dangerous, especially if children use your garden. 

    There are plenty of garden storage and tidying options in our collection, including storage boxes, incinerators, and roll out garden path so that moving bits and pieces across the garden is simpler and faster

  • What is the best hedge trimmer to buy?

    The best hedge trimmer is the one that suits your needs the most. If you have tall hedges that are difficult to maintain because of their height, consider a long-reach trimmer.

    Or perhaps you might have a large garden with lots of grass to cut, in which you might need a specific grass trimmer with a long battery life. We also have a range of lightweight, handheld hedge trimmers and strimmers which are perfect for maintaining smaller gardens.

  • What size hedge trimmer should I get?

    If you want to maintain taller hedges and trees, choose a hedge trimmer with a long reach - ideally one that can trim up to 3.5, in height. For smaller garden jobs, a handheld trimmer should be the right size.

    For grass cutting, find a grass trimmer with a wider cutting width - usually, one up to 25cm in width is sufficient.

  • Are battery-powered hedge trimmers any good?

    If you need a lightweight hedge trimmer and strimmer that's easy to use, battery-powered options are a great choice. These hedge cutters tend to be a lot simpler to handle and make less noise than their more powerful alternatives. Battery-powered hedge trimmers are good for those with smaller gardens or easier jobs that don't require much effort. You can also find battery-powered cutters with chargers included, so you don't have to worry about replacing the batteries constantly.

    On the other hand, if you have thick hedges, or a lot of greenery to maintain in your garden, you may prefer to use a more powerful petrol trimmer.

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