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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to garden heating, outdoor fireplaces are a fantastic investment. Our high-quality outdoor fireplaces can be used not only as a much-needed heat source but as barbecues, making them the perfect choice for entertaining guests. 

Our outdoor fireplaces will look great in any setting, whether you have a small backyard or a sprawling garden. Discover our full range of outdoor heating solutions at Primrose for more inspiration, including stone and masonry BBQs that are sure to impress at your next garden gathering.

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  • What are the benefits of an outdoor fireplace?

    Outdoor fireplaces are an investment – but they’re a pricier outdoor heating option for good reason. They’re a permanent solution that fire pits, chimineas and heat lamps try to solve, but outdoor fireplaces come with none of the common drawbacks such as limited heat and smoke.

    • Outdoor fireplaces are attractive, adding to the decor of your garden
    • The size of outdoor fireplaces means they often add privacy
    • You’re more likely to keep using an outdoor fireplace in cooler months
    • Smoke blows up the chimney instead of onto your seating area
    • An outdoor fireplace takes up less square footage
    • The value of your property may be increased 
  • Outdoor fireplace vs fire pits

    If you’re considering whether the investment of an outdoor fireplace is for you, you may be wondering what the difference is between an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit. Fire pits are often the most popular choice of outdoor heating due to their cost, but they do come with drawbacks that the extra investment in an outdoor fireplace aims to solve.

  • Fire pit benefits

    • Portable – can be moved around the patio as needed
    • Can seat guests all around it not just in front
    • Budget-friendly options available
  • Fire pit disadvantages

    • Open flame can be dangerous – sparks aren’t contained
    • Smoke direction can’t be controlled
    • Breeze or wind can affect how much heat is generated
  • Outdoor fireplace advantages

    • Flexible use – not just for social gatherings
    • Taller design creates privacy from neighbours
    • Flames and heat protected from wind
    • Control smoke direction
    • Contained flames are safer
  • Outdoor fireplace disadvantages

    • Permanent fixture that can’t be moved around
    • Seating space can be limited
    • A more expensive option than a fire pit
  • Do outdoor fireplaces keep you warm?

    Yes, outdoor fireplaces can actually keep you warmer than most other outdoor heating options. When you install your outdoor fireplace, consider any areas that you know to be particularly windy in your garden and position the fireplace to block the wind. This will reduce heat loss.

    The contained flame of an outdoor fireplace naturally helps the heat to radiate from the logs and bricks – meaning that the heat output from the front of the fireplace will be greater than the open flame of a fire pit.

    Discover our full range of outdoor heating solutions at Primrose for even more options including patio heaters, chimineas and more.