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String Lights

String Lights 

String lighting is a creative way to bring a decorative and atmospheric feel to your garden. Whether you're wanting to delicately light up your garden furniture or wow your guests with a burst of light and colour among your plants and flowers, we have a wide range of outdoor string lighting for you to choose from.


Browse our multicoloured Chinese lantern string lights as well as solar bubble globes and the classic LED string lights. Take a look at more garden lighting and solar lighting options.

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  • How to hang outdoor string lights

    Illuminate your outside area however you think it will accentuate it. Do you have some particularly impressive blooms? How about a garden pond or water feature? You can even wrap your outdoor string lights around your garden arbour or trellis to create a magical area to sit at or walk under. Choose from a variety of colours to complement the style and theme of your garden.
  • Do string lights need to be plugged in?

    Our powerful solar string lights don't need to be plugged in, so you can place them wherever you want without worrying about cables being wired across your grass and patio and into the mains. Our solar-powered string lights use sunlight for power and are an environmentally friendly option to glowing your garden guilt-free.
  • Do solar string lights need direct sun?

    Yes, direct sunlight allows solar string lights to perform more powerfully. If it is an overcast day or winter, they may not be as bright as they are in the summer. Make sure you position your lights somewhere they will get most of the day's sunlight. To charge them more efficiently in the winter and to avoid the battery running out quickly, turn them off in the day in the winter – they will still charge while using less power.