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Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets 

Our ready-made hanging baskets are perfect for adorning your front door, archway or wall - simply attach them to a bracket! Coming in a range of materials - plastic, metal or wicker/rattan - most of our baskets are lined with coco or pulp that provide fantastic aeration and drainage. For the rest, we stock easy-fill hanging planters that require no liners.

A hugely popular choice for gardens, trough planters are perfect for creating lush borders and sections in your garden without the need for fencing or screening.

Whether you’re lining up a trough planter under a window, along the border of your garden or using it to separate the patio from the lawn, you’re sure to find a trough planter to suit your needs and complement your garden.

Browse our full collection of garden planters at Primrose for more options.

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  1. Fuchsia Artificial Hanging Basket
    Fuchsia Artificial Hanging Basket
    From £29.99
  2. Geranium Artificial Hanging Basket
    Geranium Artificial Hanging Basket
    From £39.99
  3. Petunia Artificial Hanging Basket
    Petunia Artificial Hanging Basket
    From £29.99
  4. Smart Garden Hyacinth Hanging Wall Basket Planter - 40cm (16")
    Smart Garden Hyacinth Hanging Wall Basket Planter - 40cm (16")
    From £10.99
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Items 1-24 of 117

  • How to plant hanging baskets

    When preparing the compost and liner, make sure you don't use soil that is too heavy, has poor drainage, and is not rich in nutrients – use new compost. As your hanging basket is a small area, you need the richest environment possible that will retain water. If you decide on purchasing an open wire basket, you'll need a liner such as moss or coconut fibre to prevent the soil from falling through.

    Fill your hanging planter a third full with compost and make several holes for the roots to pass through and lie on top of the compost and gently flatten them. Pack compost around the plants to remove air bubbles.

    You can even add climbing plants to grow up the chains for extra decoration. When you've made your arrangement, water your soil thoroughly – they might dry out faster than indoor plants to keep an eye on how quickly the soil dries up before you need to water it again. Rotate the basket often to let all sides get sunlight. Prune dead flowers regularly. Take a look at our secateurs. 

  • How many plants do you put in a hanging basket?

    Generally, you should use one plant per inch of soil. You can plant more if you have strong growing and resilient plants. If you notice they start to wither, you might have too many and might need to rethink your hanging planter.

  • What is a good flower for hanging baskets?

    You should incorporate a mixture of drooping, cascading flowers, flowers that attract specific wildlife, flat-leafed blooms, dainty round flowers, as well as clustered bright blooms. Consider plants like:

  • When should you put hanging baskets out?

    You suould plant your hanging baskets in April so that they establish before summer and have the opportunity to bloom before the colder months. You should also consider what types of flowers you plant and what will work best for them.

    Find your perfect hanging basket today or browse all our planters online for even more choice.