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Plastic Planters

Plastic Planters 

With modern production techniques, plastic planters offer much more than meets the eye. Crafted from a unique blend of high density resin, stone mixture and fiberglass, these plant pots are designed to withstand the elements. Able to emulate nearly any material - from rattan to stone - they are extremely lightweight and durable, but also highly varied, coming in a range of patterns. When it comes to value for money, these are the perfect option. 

Due to their easy maintenance, our plastic plant pots are the perfect combination of style and convenience.
Interested in learning more about our wide range of planters and what we offer? For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, visit our Planters Ideas & Advice hub

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Plastic Planters FAQs

  • Are plastic plant pots any good?

    Despite them being labelled as plastic, a lot of our plant pots are actually made of a mix of resin and stone mixture. With the use of modern production techniques, these planters offer more than meets the eye. In addition to their versatility and durability, most of our plastic planters are sourced from recycled materials.
  • What are some advantages of plastic planters?

    The biggest advantage is that plastic planters are extremely versatile - they can mimic any texture and finish to your liking while retaining its lightweight property. If you’d like a stone-textured planter without the cumbersome weight to it, these plant pots are the solution for you. Other than their lightweight properties, these planters are also easy to clean and maintain. 

    For a more detailed guide on various materials for our planters, have a look at our page on planter materials.

  • Do I have to drill a hole in the bottom of my plastic container for drainage?

    Some of our products already include a drain hole at the bottom, so please check the product description before making a purchase. Some of our plastic planters include the option of having a drainage hole for outdoor use.

  • Are plastic plant pots suitable for the Winter?

    Many of our planters are frost-resistant, meaning they will not crack or rot in very low temperatures.
    To get the best out of your plant pot, you can also check out our guide on how to properly care for your planter.