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Tall/Flared Planters

Tall Planters & Flared Planters

Add impact to your garden and discover the range of tall and flared planters here at Primrose. Choose from tall outdoor planters crafted from wood, metal and stone. We provide a variety of designs - from stylish and modern to robust and rustic. 

Haven’t found what you’re looking for in our range of tall outdoor planters? Shop our full collection of garden planters for a range of troughsquarecylindrical and urn planters. For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, have a look at our Planters Ideas & Advice hub. 

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what is a planterwhat is a planter

What is a Planter?

We’ve outlined some of the ways you can differentiate between different types of planters to find one to suit you and your indoor/outdoor space perfectly. Read our 'What is a Planter?' guide for more.

how to plant flowers in large plantershow to plant flowers in large planters

How to Plant Flowers in Planters

Filling your planter with flowers is a great way to add decoration to your garden. Our handy guide reveals the tried and tested ways of how to plant flowers in large planters successfully.

Tall and Flared Planter FAQs

  • Which is the right tall planter for me? 

    Whether you have a small outdoor terrace or a large leafy garden, our tall planters are the perfect choice. Due to their height, they frame doorways beautifully and look just as good positioned on patios. Add multiple levels to your garden aesthetic by combining your tall garden planters alongside smaller co-ordinating pots.

    You’ll find tall outdoor planters in a variety of styles. For modern styling, choose our galvanised metal or high gloss planters. Alternatively, our wood tall planters are ideal for adding rustic charm to your garden, while stone planters are a great, durable choice.

    We also stock a variety of flared planters, which are ideal if you’re looking to alternate between straight and curved designs.

    Looking for advice on planting flowers in our tall plant pots? Have a look at our blog post on how to plant flowers in large planters

  • Which plants look good in tall planters?

    It’s a given that taller plants look good in taller planters. However, you can plant a wide range of plants that will still look good in your garden. Opt for leafy green plants and shrubs for simple sophistication, such as bamboo plants, boxwood shrubs or cordylines. 

    For a burst of colour, pansies are a great option as they typically tolerate colder temperatures and add colourful winter interest to your garden.

    For more tips on what to put in a planter, have a look at our in-depth blog post on what to put in planters

  • What should I put in tall planters for the winter?

    During the winter, it is generally best to choose plants that are able to withstand colder temperatures. Hardy plants are a perfect choice for tall planters in colder climates.   

    Some great winter-proof options include evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses, and winter-flowering plants. 

    To keep your plants protected during extreme conditions, you can use burlap and other breathable material to cover your planters. Another perfectly fine option is to shelter your planter for the winter to keep your plants in good condition.