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Trough Planters

Trough Planters 

Troughs without a farm animal in sight (unless you've got some seriously rural planting to do), these are excellent for planting lots of flowering plants together while keeping them contained. Whether on the ground or on a wall, trough planters can add some verticality to your planting. Use different sizes to create some eye-catching border effects in your garden!

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  1. L1.4m Pine Trough Planter
    L1.4m Pine Trough Planter
    From £129.99
  2. L2m Pine Trough Planter
    L2m Pine Trough Planter
    From £154.99
  3. PP0403M__main_image
    L80cm Fibreglass Trough Planter in Black - By Primrose™
    Special Price £114.99 Original £134.99 You save 15%
  4. PP0338__main_image
    1.8m Wooden Patio Trough Planter - by Rowlinson
    Special Price £164.99 Original £189.99 You save 13%
  5. PP2041__main_image
    1.04m Larch Timber Large Trough Planter
    Special Price £149.99 Original £153.99 You save 3%
  6. FU2795__main_image
    H81cm x W100cm Wooden Kitchen Garden Trough
    Special Price £149.99 Original £164.99 You save 9%
  7. PP2064W__main_image
    Versailles Trough Planters - Set of 2 - 59cm/79cm
    Special Price £165.99 Original £178.99 You save 7%
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13 Items

Trough Planters FAQs

Traditionally troughs were used to hold water and feed for enclosed livestock. Today though, most troughs are produced to be used as planters. A planter is any container that holds plants.

Similar to window boxes, troughs are excellent for displaying different groups of flowering plants with their longest side often placed against a wall. As they can be very large, and often deep, it is possible to create an array of artistic effects. You can plant larger, upright or climbing plants towards the back, providing a great backdrop to the smaller plants in front. Or you can plant two larger plants around another, drawing the eye towards the center. In some situations, you can even plant trees that are perfect for lining paths.

Plant troughs look great together and are often spread apart evenly when lining walls or paths. They can be placed in borders, providing a great visual stimulus in comparison to plain dirt. Sometimes, troughs are placed on stands to add verticality to a garden.

Primrose offer a huge range of troughs in an array of sizes, shapes, materials, colours, finishes and designs. Special plant troughs include those with trellises, tapered and curved edges, versailles-style downpipes, and raised planters.