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Zinc Planters

Zinc Planters

Zinc planters are much like steel planters with exceptional weather resistance, while being lighter, brighter, and available in more colours. Learn more in our Zinc Planters Comparison Guide.

Our zinc planters are plated with more zinc than the industry standard, providing a thick and insulating coat which keeps the rain out while still looking sharp. We offer a range of planter materials, like corten steel and wood planters. Browse more options and find your perfect planter at Primrose. For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, have a look at our Planters Ideas & Advice hub. 

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zinc planter zinc planter

Zinc Planter Quality Comparison

Often admired for their contemporary modern look and durable qualities, it’s no wonder zinc planters are growing in popularity. Uncover what makes our zinc planters better than the rest in our 'Zinc Planter Comparison Guide’.

planter materials planter materials

A Guide to Planter Materials 

There’s over 1000 planters available at Primrose. From zinc to polystone and more, read our planter materials guide to find out which is best option for you.

How To Care for Your Planter

Zinc Planters are one of the strongest planter materials you can choose. But it's important to have all the tools and tips to help your new planter (and plants!) thrive. Find out how you can look after your zinc planter in our quick How To Care for Your Planter guide.

How to Plant Bedding Plants in Pots

Bedding plants are a versatile choice for any pot or planter, offering a beautiful array of colours to brighten your garden. Check out our quick step-by-step guide on how to plant your new bedding plants.

Zinc Planters FAQs

  • How do zinc planters work?

    Otherwise known as galvanised steel planters, they are created through electrogalvanisation – a process that bonds a layer of zinc to steel to protect it against corrosion. This makes the zinc planter a durable and reliable plant pot. 

  • Will zinc planters rust?

    Although zinc isn't completely rust-proof, it does corrode much slower than other metals. At Primrose, zinc plant pots have been electroplated to protect them against rust and corrosion, however, you should be careful to avoid scratching your planter as it will scrape off the zinc coating and allow rust in. In the event it is scratched and scraped, you can apply rust-resistant paint on the inside and outside of the plant pot to prevent this from happening. To help extend its pristine condition, a protective spray or sealant could be used on the planter to protect it even further. 

    For more information on maintaining the perfect appearance of your planter, check out our guide on caring for your planter

  • How long do zinc planters last?

    Because of the durability of the material, when looked after and cared for properly, zinc plant pots last you a long period of time in normal conditions. If in good condition, yours could last a few decades. We offer a range of high-quality containers designed to last you a significant period of time.

  • Do you need to line a zinc planter?

    As they are made from metal, zinc containers can overheat, so plant liner can help avoid this. Using a liner also prevents the soil from being washed out and will make it easier to remove or relocate your plants.

    You can use plastic or moss to line your planter. Moss liner is ideal as it allows water to seep through. Just make sure there are drainage holes to avoid drowning the roots. 

  • How to clean zinc planters

    A simple mixture of vinegar and water or lemon juice can keep your zinc planter looking fantastic and good as new. Just gently wash it with a sponge and dry it thoroughly with a clean dry towel.