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Apple Storage Rack / System

Apple Storage Rack / System

Storing your fruit and vegetables has never been so easy! Primrose offer a range of storage solutions for your apples and pears that will help to keep them fresh for weeks. Our fruit storage will keep your produce cool and dry meaning they stay fresher for longer!

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  • How Do You Store Apples From A Tree?

    Order your apples by size! By keeping your apples categorised in this way it is easier to keep an eye on them to check how they are doing; larger sized apples don’t tend to store as well, so you’ll know to use these sooner than the smaller sized.
    Be careful which apples you store next to each other. One ‘bad apple’ really can spoil the rest by making them ripen prematurely. So make sure you check your apples thoroughly before you store them to ensure to remove all the damaged fruit, these can then be used for cooking!
    To make sure your apples will last longer you could wrap each item in newspaper, this is a great way to protect the rest of the fruit. If you don’t have the time to wrap in newspaper make sure that none of the apples in storage are touching each other to stop contamination.
    You should also be careful to separate different types of fruit and vegetables in a storage rack. If you want to store more than one kind of fruit or vegetable make use of the different drawers in a storage system and make sure to keep them all separate by giving them a drawer each.
  • What Is The Ideal Temperature For Storing Apples?

    The best temperature to store your apples is around 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit, be careful to not let the temperature drop much lower than this!
  • How Long Can You Store Apples From A Tree?

    Apples can last up to four months if stored in the correct way, which gives you plenty of time to plan all the ways you’re going to use your delicious apples!
  • Primrose Apple Storage

    at Primrose, we have a large variety of apple storage options to suit your storage requirements, ranging from 5 Drawer Storage Racks up to 10 Drawer Storage Racks as well as crates. This makes it easier than ever to store all of your apples.

    Our apple storage systems are carefully designed to keep your produce cool and dry and can keep your fruit fresh all the way through to spring. Our design is also able to keep wildlife from getting to your fruit with hardy wire meshing and a door latch!

    If you would like to learn more about the correct storage of apples, take a look at our fruit storage guide and you can also learn more about harvesting apples here at Primrose. 

    Don’t forget to browse our range of apple trees in our collection of grow your own fruit and vegetables.