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Fuchsia Plants

Fuchsia Plants

Fuchsia plants are a must-have genus for adding intricate charm to your outdoor space. With their protruding stamens and ruffled petals that are encased by their sepals, fuchsia flowers make an attractive and colourful plant for your outside area. And the drooping flowers catch the eye wherever they are, whether that's a garden flowerbed border or a hanging basket.

Browse our fantastic selection online and find the perfect fuschia plants for your garden.

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Fuchsia FAQs

  • Which fuchsia plant should I choose?

    If you are a fan of more delicate, pastel shades, then we recommend fuchsia 'Annabelle'. But for daring and bolder colours, 'Dollar Princess' and the trailing 'Voodoo' will make lovely additions to your garden.

    As an alternative, you can browse more bright ornamental plants including hydrangeas and begonia plants.

    Fuschia are also great as bedding plants to accentuate different areas around your garden.

  • Do fuchsias like sun or shade?

    Fuchsias can last for several decades when looked after properly. Fuchsias can be burned easily by bright and direct sunlight, so it is best to keep them safe in a spot where they will get morning sun and afternoon shade. You could also plant yours under high trees or patio covers and porches. For more plants that are shade tolerant, take a look at astilbe plants, climbing roses, and honeysuckle.
  • Do fuchsias grow back every year?

    Yes, they do. Fuchsia plants are classed as being tender perennials – perennial plants provide flowers in our gardens year after year. These plants don’t bloom over the winter as sunlight is limited and the climate is cold. Your goal over winter should be to keep them alive rather than trying to encourage them to bloom. You can put the plant into dormancy, where they sleep until spring.
  • How do I take care of a fuchsia plant?

    A low-maintenance flower that doesn't take too much care, the fuchsia does best in rich soil with good drainage. Regular watering is required for it to look its best – when the weather becomes too cold, you can place yours in a greenhouse or indoors until it starts to warm up again. Prune these plants in spring to encourage more flowers to bloom.
  • Why are my fuchsias dying?

    If yours is beginning to wilt, this could be down to many different factors. Firstly, is your soil too dry? Lack of moisture can cause your fuchsia to die, so make sure you water them enough – but not too much so that the roots drown. Good drainage will help keep your fuchsia in great condition.

    Make sure your fuchsia isn't in direct sunlight for the day. All the plant needs is morning sun and then afternoon shade. Consider relocating yours if they are getting too much sun.

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