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Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

As a fruit tree specialist, we know a thing or two about growing your own. With over 500 fruiting trees and fruiting plants to choose from, it doesn't matter if you're planting an orchard or merely a corner in your garden; you can have a productive patch up and growing in no time at all!

We work with the country's best fruit tree growers to bring you the best quality trees, quickly, well packaged, and importantly at a great price. 

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Unsure if you have sufficient sunlight for fruit? Try these versatile varieties

Classic fruit tree varieties on dwarfing rootstocks, perfect for pots

Pack multiple varieties into a small space with our cordon trees

The most vigorous rootstock ideal for first time growers and perfect for espalieer and fan training

Popular Fruit Trees

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How to grow a Fruit Tree

Growing your own fruit trees is a fascinating part of gardening, but terms like 'pollination partner' and 'rootstock' can seem a little baffling. But luckily, our guide simplifies all of these important parts of growing fruit trees!

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  1. TR0435__main_image
    Corylus maxima 'Purple Filbert' | Hazelnut Tree
    From £39.99
  2. TR0127__main_image
    Corylus maxima 'Red Filbert' | Hazelnut Tree
    From £39.99
  3. TR028312L__main_image
    Cydonia 'Meechs Prolific' | Quince Tree
    From £41.99
  4. TR0241BR__main_image
    Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' | Fig Tree
    From £11.99
  5. TR0242__main_image
    Ficus carica 'Dalmatie' | Fig Tree
    From £19.99
  6. TR0570__main_image
    Ficus carica 'Madeleine Des Deux Saisons' | Fig Tree
    From £19.99
  7. TR0571__main_image
    Ficus carica 'Osbornes Prolific' | Fig Tree
    From £19.99
  8. TR0243BR__main_image
    Ficus carica 'Rouge De Bordeaux' | Fig Tree
    From £18.99
  9. TR0005__main_image
    Malus 'Blenheim Orange' | Apple Tree
    From £41.99
  10. TR0001__main_image
    Malus 'Bountiful' | Apple Tree
    From £41.99
  11. TR0002__main_image
    Malus 'Bramleys Seedling' | Apple Tree
    From £39.99
  12. TR0045__main_image
    Malus 'Coxs Orange Pippin Self Fertile' | Apple Tree
    From £39.99
  13. TR1252__main_image
    Malus 'Discovery' | Apple Tree
    From £41.99
  14. TR0050__main_image
    Malus 'Fiesta' | Apple Tree
    From £39.99
  15. TR0053__main_image
    Malus 'Golden Delicious' | Apple Tree
    From £22.50
  16. TR0016__main_image
    Malus 'Greensleeves' | Apple Tree
    From £41.99
  17. TR1258__main_image
    Malus 'Grenadier' | Apple Tree
    From £39.99
  18. TR040911_5L__main_image
    Malus 'Herefordshire Russet' | Apple Tree
    From £42.99
  19. TR0004__main_image
    Malus 'Howgate Wonder' | Apple Tree
    From £41.99
  20. TR0263__main_image
    Malus 'Idared' | Apple Tree
    From £39.99
  21. TR0369__main_image
    Malus 'James Grieve' | Apple Tree
    From £41.99
  22. TR0264__main_image
    Malus 'Jonagold' | Apple Tree
    From £41.99
  23. TR0265__main_image
    Malus 'Jupiter' | Apple Tree
    From £39.99
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-24 of 261