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All House Plants

All House Plants

They're all here - every house plant we've got waiting for a brand new home. From the mighty Monstera to the beguiling Begonia and all sorts of beautiful, air-purifying wonders, you'll find a new house plant to love right here.

Mix and match and grow a house plant all your own!

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  1. PL92280P__main_image
    Golden Pothos | Devil's Ivy | Epipremnum aureum
    From £10.99
  2. PL92356P__main_image
    Corn Plant | Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana'
    From £16.99
  3. PL92328P__main_image
    Croton | Codiaeum 'Petra'
    From £6.99
  4. Philodendron Scandens 'Brazil' | Variegated Heart Leaf Philodendron
    Philodendron Scandens 'Brazil' | Variegated Heart Leaf Philodendron
    From £10.99
  5. PL92326P__main_image
    Croton | Codiaeum 'Pictum'
    From £10.99
  6. Codiaeum 'Gold Dust' | Croton Plant
    Codiaeum 'Gold Dust' | Croton Plant
    From £12.99
  7. Codiaeum 'Excellent' | Croton Plant
    Codiaeum 'Excellent' | Croton Plant
    From £10.99
  8. Codiaeum 'Mrs Icetone' | Croton Plant
    Codiaeum 'Mrs Icetone' | Croton Plant
    From £16.99
  9. Codiaeum 'Sunny Star' | Croton Plant
    Codiaeum 'Sunny Star' | Croton Plant
    From £109.99
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-24 of 35

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