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Echinacea Plants

Echinacea Plants

Also known as the Coneflower, Echinacea plants will delight you (and your garden's pollinators) with their cheerful flowers every summer. Varying in colour from white to cerise (and with many multi-coloured too), why not plant with some ornamental grasses for a stylish, prairie garden look? Another thing we love about Echinacea plants is that due to their sturdy stalks, they won't require support, and can handle harsh weather conditions too!

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  • Do echinaceas come back every year?

    Yes, they do – as perennial plants, they will grow back each year. These hardy plants survive the cold winters, becoming dormant and returning when the weather becomes warmer in spring.

  • When should I plant echinaceas?

    The optimum time to plant yours is between the start of spring until September or October. It's important to remember that they won't flower well in their first year and will bloom more impressively in the following years.

  • How do you care for an echinacea plant?

    A hardy and easy to care for plant, the echinacea needs regular watering a week when soil becomes dry, compost in the spring (but be careful not to overfeed them), and deadheading when there are dead leaves and stems. Plant yours in average soil with good drainage.
  • Where do echinaceas grow best?

    These plants need shade and sunlight and do best when they get at least four hours of sunlight each day. In the wild, these plants flourish in areas with morning sun and afternoon shade or vice versa.

  • How long do echinacea plants live?

    When cared for properly, you can expect yours to last up to ten years.