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Pond Plants

Pond Plants

Pond plants provide unmatched ornamental value and welcome refuge for pollinators, birds and a host of other wildlife. They help absorb unwanted nutrients and stabilise sediments, preventing the growth of algae and reducing turbidity.

Whether your priority is oxygenation or beautifying your pond with flowering pond plants, you’re sure to find pond plants to sit at all levels of your pond and make sure it’s functioning and looking its best. Discover popular pond plants from water lilies to water irises and more here at Primrose.

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Plants that thrive with their roots fully submerged and their stems above water

Plants happy at the deepest part of your pond, or floating on top of it

Your Questions Answered

Pond Plants: Common Questions

A haven for wildlife (and beautiful to look at too), having a pond in your garden is a wonderful way to bring some aquatic charm to your garden. However, you may ponder over where to begin! From choosing the right plants, to cleaning advice, this blog has all your queries covered...

How Many Plants Do I Need For My Pond?

The number of plants in your pond is key to maintaining good aeration. The amount of plants your pond will need depends on several factors, such as its size, and whether there exist pumps or fountains. With the help of this guide, you will soon identify the right amount of plants for your pond!

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    4500l Barley Straw Pond Flakes
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    Great Reedmace | Typha latifolia
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    Society Garlic | Tulbaghia violacea
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    Marsh Woundwort | Stachys palustris
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    Slender Club Rush | Scirpus cernuus
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    Nymphaea virginalis | Water Lily
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    Nymphaea 'Paul Hariot' | Water Lily
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  • What plants are best for ponds?

    Pond plants not only provide fantastic ornamental value but help oxygenate your pond and provide cover for fish. It’s best to choose a selection of pond plants that provide all three.

    Although water irises and lilies are the most popular flowering pond plants, there are many species that flower such as the forget-me-not and water hawthorn, which both possess interesting blooms and good coverage.

    Water lilies provide unmatched ornamental value and coverage. Around the UK, the most common species you'll see is Nuphar lutea - the yellow water lily - but there are many more varieties in every colour. Gorgeous varieties include Black Princess and Sun Rise.

    The key to growing water lilies is to keep them away from running water. They also need to be lowered gradually into a pond, so as the pads are not too deep in the water. It is also important to pay attention to the depth and spread of each species as some are unsuitable for deep ponds and others too vigorous for small ponds.

    Oxygenating pond plants are also essential for preventing algae from rapidly growing and suffocating the pond.

  • What is the best oxygenating pond plant?

    Which plants are best for oxygenation is one of our most common queries. Although oxygenating plants do help starve algae of nutrients, their effect on aeration is minimal.

    A good water pump is essential as it helps increase your pond's surface area, increasing the exchange of gases. A still pond without adequate circulation will not exchange gases effectively, leading to a buildup of carbon dioxide and the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

    Bring your pond to life with our complete range of pond accessories, including fountain pumps and pond care products available at affordable prices.