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Water Lilies

Water Lilies

The water lily, part of the Nymphaeaceae family, grows in the deeper part of the pond and is undoubtedly the queen of garden ponds and water gardens.

These stunning freshwater flowering plants are from tropical climates and are great for fish and wildlife as well as creating a floral haven in your own outdoor space. Iconic and instantly recognisable, these water plants are the most sought after and come in many different colours and flower shapes.

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Pond Care Guide

Keeping your pond looking it's best requires a bit of care, and we've got the perfect guide to keep your pond at its best. The key is balancing each of the elements of your pond, fish, water and plants, which our guide has more information on!



How Many Plants Do I Need For My Pond?

The number of plants in your pond is key to maintaining good aeration. The amount of plants your pond will need depends on several factors, such as its size, and whether there exist pumps or fountains. With the help of this guide, you will soon identify the right amount of plants for your pond!


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Additional Information

  • What do water lilies need to survive?

    To grow healthily, the lily water flower needs a still and calm environment that won’t be disturbed by flowing water, fountains, or pumps. You don't need a huge pond for them to float on and flourish – small, decorative ponds can also hold these beauties. They are easy to care for and great for beginners, lasting around three or four days before sinking beneath the water. The flowers that have died should be removed.

    Lilies like the sun but not direct sunlight – keep yours in partial shade.

  • Do water lilies come back every year?

    In the right conditions, water lilies bloom all year round. However, in cooler areas, they grow from summer into autumn.
  • Can you plant water lilies without soil?

    Yes, you can. Place the roots onto the pond's beat and cover them with small stones to keep them secure. If your pond is deep, place the roots into a heavy container and fill it, covering the roots, with gravel and lower the container into the pond.
  • Will water lilies take over a pond?

    In the right conditions, they can grow quickly and take over your pond. While these pond plants can help block some light from the water and control algae growth, covering too much can prevent oxygenation and suffocate other plants and fish in your water. Kill overgrown root systems with herbicide by applying them to leaves above the water.