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Preformed Ponds

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  • What is a preformed plastic pond?

    Preformed plastic ponds are designed to save you the trouble of having to create a shaped pond from scratch. Designing and shaping a pond can be a difficult task, so already knowing the shape and size of a preformed pond eliminates that extra step when installing a pond. You simply need to dig the hole and add a layer of sand before installing the preformed plastic pond.

  • How long do preformed ponds last?

    Once installed, a preformed plastic pond should last you over ten years. Though subtle, the ground will move which can cause the plastic to crack as its condition deteriorates underground, but it will last you many years before you need to be concerned about that.

  • What’s the difference between a pond liner and a preformed pond?

    The key difference between a preformed plastic pond and a plastic pond liner is that the preformed pond is already in shape. A plastic pond liner can be developed into an original shape. This means that preformed plastic ponds are often the preferred choice for those looking for an easy installation. Discover our full range of ponds and pond accessories to learn how to build your own garden pond with Primrose.