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Premium Wire Mesh Compost Bin with Door 140 x 70 x 70cm - 685 Litres - by Lacewing™

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Available to order from 16/05/2022
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One of the biggest problems facing gardeners composting for the first time is the back breaking job of turning, turning and turning compost. The microbes present in a compost bin need to be sufficiently aerated to do their job. Without aeration composting is slow and unrewarding.

Here at Primrose we have just the thing to help you make the best, high quality compost! The Standard Mesh Compost Bin allows for aeration and ease of access.



  • Reinforced design - metal corner sheets bolt the compost bin to the ground, reinforcing the structure
  • Ease of access - secure push pin doors make accessing your compost quick and simple
  • Wide set mesh - allows for compost aeration, vital for microbial development
  • Durable wood treatment - the frame has been treated with a water-based solution to improve durability
  • Lightweight design - move your compost bin wherever it is most needed
  • Comes flat-packed with instructions for easy self-assembly

Reinforced design

Metal corner sheets bolt the compost bin to the ground, reinforcing the structure and helping it resist the elements.

Easy access door

The secure push pin doors make accessing your compost quick and simple. Popping open the raisable door allows you to drive your gardening tools straight into the compost, allowing you to remove the contents of the bin without fuss.

  • Height: 70cm (55in)
  • Width: 140cm (27½in)
  • Depth: 70cm (27½in)
  • Litreage: 685.99L
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