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Plant Propagation

Growing your own is the essence of gardening. Even if you've inherited a garden you didn't dig, if you're out in the borders you're growing your own every day of the year.

Propagation is how you take it to the next level - starting from seeds or cuttings, growing in small pots or trays before planting out something special. Weeding out the weaker plants and maximising your seed returns.

This guide will get you on the path to propagation and growing perfection. From what to plant and when to where, how and why - this page has all you need to make this a growing year to remember.

How to Sow Seeds and Plugs

What to plant this month

Girls reading instructions on what to plant in their gardenGirls reading instructions on what to plant in their garden

How to Propagate

Everything you need to get started

Greenhouses & Staging

Greenhouses keep you free from the fickle weather, sparing your plants from heatwaves and downpours so you can tend to them exactly as you want. Add staging to maximise your growing space - and save you from too much bending down!

Seed trays & pots

Keep your plants contained while whittling out the weak ones with ease. Separate trays reduce the risk of disease or blight spreading through your plants, and allow you to keep a close eye on every seedling and sprout. They're usually reusable too, and come in all sort of sizes from individual cells/pots to 40-cell masterpieces!


Irrigation means keeping your plants watered, usually in an automated or semi-automated way. With propagation we're talking about capillary mats and moisture meters, but there are loads of irrigation options for your garden from soaker hoses to full-on pipe networks!

Plug plants & seeds

Propagation doesn't have to be limited to herbs, fruit and vegetables - though we're not going to stop you if that's what you want to do!

You can also propagate cuttings and flowers, as there are plenty of flower plugs at Primrose!

Shop the essential kit

Smaller space? No problem!

If you've got a limited amount of space, you're going to want to make the most of it. A full-size greenhouse is going to take up too much, but a little growhouse or lean-to is perfect for a cosy corner. And cloches can turn your beds into mini-greenhouses.

Check out this kit below if your space is at a premium - or you just like a neater garden!

Shop the essential kit for smaller gardens

Need inspiration? 

Find out what Gardening Expert Ann-Marie Powell is sowing this season

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