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Rectangle Sail Shades


Rectangle Sail Shades

Shading broad swathes of your patio or garden, rectangular sail shades are perfect for complete geometric cover. Whatever the size of space you need to cover or favourite colour, we’ve got a rectangle that’s right for you, available in breathable and waterproof options depending on how protected you need your area.

For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, have a look at our hub on Sail Shades Ideas & Advice

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16 Items

How to Install a Sail Shade

Get the best from your sail with the correct installation for your space. Follow our sail shade installation guide for our recommendations of how to install your shade sail.

Sail Shade Comparison Guide

If you're not sure which sail shade may be best for your garden, have a look at our sail shade comparison guide to find out the differences between our Kookaburra sail shades.

Kookaburra dark green, right angle sail shade in the garden Kookaburra dark green, right angle sail shade in the garden

Top 5 Best Sail Shades 

There are a few things you need to consider before grabbing one of your own sail shades, like size, shape and type of fabric. Read our guide to find out the top 5 best sail shades for your garden.

Kookaburra dark green sail shadeKookaburra dark green sail shade

How To Tension A Sail Shade

If you’ve already set up your sail shade, you'll need to tension it to get the best results. Find out how to tension a sail shade in our useful guide.

Rectangle Sail Shades FAQs

  • How do you attach a rectangle shade sail?

    Firstly, find suitable anchor fixing points for the four corners of the shade sail. Fixing points may include trees, poles, walls and more. It’s important that these fixing points are structurally sound enough to firmly hold the shade sail. Be mindful that high winds can add stress to it so carefully plan out its position and angle beforehand. Once the sail shade is attached to the anchor fixing points, there are various methods that can be used to tension it. To see these methods and more detailed information, see our guide on 'How to install a Sail Shade'.
  • What shape of shade sail is best?

    The ideal shape depends on several factors including the size of the outdoor space, how much shade you would like and where the sail shade is positioned and at what angle. Rectangular shade sails are the most popular as they cover a wide area and are typically easier to fix on to posts and walls. Triangular sail shades are more versatile in that they can be positioned and angled to suit your needs. For more information on what shade sail to buy, read our guide on the Top 5 Best Sail Shades for your Garden.
  • What shapes do shade sails come in?

    Most shade sails typically come in shapes of squares, rectangles or triangles (also available in right angle triangle). These are usually easier to install and tension than custom made sails, depending on the shape. At Primrose, our sail shades provide the most versatility to an outdoor space as they can be temporary or permanent fixtures, and may be angled to your specifications.
  • Are shade sails worth it?

    Being relatively low cost, shade sails add a layer of protection, comfort and character to any outdoor space. Aside from the benefits that they provide, such as protection from UV rays and protection from rain, shade sails add charm and contemporary beauty to an outdoor space. At Primrose, we offer 4 different types of sail shades to suit your needs: Premium Waterproof, Premium Breathable, Standard Breathable and Standard Water Resistant Sail Shades.