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Square Sail Shades


Square Sail Shades

Create garden or patio sections with a square sail shade, or cover a balcony completely with clever cover. Hang from a wall, tree, fence or pole, with lots of different sizes and colours available to suit your needs and decor, and choose between breathable for the summer or waterproof for that all-year-round coverability. For a direct comparison between our different types of shade sails, see our Sail Shades Comparison guide

For a wealth of expertise and inspiration, visit our Sail Shades Ideas & Advice hub.

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How to Install a Sail Shade

Get the best from your sail with the correct installation for your space. Follow our sail shade installation guide for our recommendations of how to install your shade sail.

Sail Shade Comparison Guide

If you're not sure which sail shade may be best for your garden, have a look at our sail shade comparison guide to find out the differences between our Kookaburra sail shades.

Kookaburra dark green, right angle sail shade in the gardenKookaburra dark green, right angle sail shade in the garden

Top 5 Best Sail Shades

Find the perfect sail shade for your garden with our recommended top 5 best sail shades. From multiple sizes, shapes and type of fabric, there's a sail shade for every outdoor space.

Kookaburra dark green sail shadeKookaburra dark green sail shade

How To Tension A Sail Shade

Ensuring your sail shade is tight and well tensioned is critical to getting the best out of it. Learn how to tension a sail shade in our useful guide.

Square Sail Shades FAQs

  • How big of a sail shade do I need?

    When selecting the right size for your space, you need to ensure the size of the sail shade is slightly smaller than the area you’d like to cover. For best results, allow at least 50 cm of distance between the anchor points and the corners of the sail shade to ensure it is properly taut. This will prevent the sail shade from flapping in the wind and potentially causing damage to the fixing points. For more information, view our guide on how to install a sail shade.
  • Why does my shade sail sag in the middle?

    This is a sign that the shade sail has not been tensioned properly or has sagged over time. We recommend using a strap tensioner to bring the sail shade taut. For this you will want to attach the strap tensioner to both snaphooks and a turnbuckle to one snaphook. Then, feed the strap through the tensioner to tighten the sail shade. Hook the turnbuckle into the remaining corner snaphooks to tighten it until it can turn no more. Also, ensure the sail shade corners are pointing towards the pole/fixing point. If the pole/fixing points are out, the shade sail will not sit straight and the fabric will crinkle, making it harder to tension. For a more detailed guide, see our Shade Sail Installation page or view our guide on 'How To Tension A Sail Shade'.
  • What is the strongest shade sail?

    Our premium breathable sail shades are made of a thick texture of knitted polymer weave which blocks over 93% of UV rays. At 320 grams per square meter, these sail shades are incredibly durable and contain high quality stainless steel hardware that can withstand great pressures. Similarly, our premium waterproof sail shades are made of a high density polyester that blocks over 98% of UV rays and also contain 304 grade stainless steel D rings in each corner.
  • How do I install a sail shade?

    After deciding on the location of the sail shade, the most important things to consider are the attachment points, the foundations and the accessories needed to set it up. For an in-depth explanation, view our shade sail installation guide.