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Triangle Sail Shades


Triangle Sail Shades

Great for shaded corners or a stylish centrepiece, triangle sail shades are the coolest canopies around. Right-angled, equilateral, isosceles - it’s triangles galore here, in a multitude of colours, sizes and levels of UV cover. Breathable for summer shade, waterproof for shade and shower protection, and party options for when you need cover in a flash!

For a wealth of expertise and inspiration, see our Sail Shades Ideas & Advice hub.

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20 Items

How to Install a Sail Shade

Get the best from your sail with the correct installation for your space. Follow our sail shade installation guide for our recommendations of how to install your shade sail.

Sail Shade Comparison Guide

If you're not sure which sail shade may be best for your garden, have a look at our sail shade comparison guide to find out the differences between our Kookaburra sail shades.

Dark green, right angle sail shade in the garden by KookaburraDark green, right angle sail shade in the garden by Kookaburra

Top 5 Best Sail Shades

A sail shade can create a perfectly effortless shaded outdoor area, so you and your guests can keep spending time in the garden, but with the added protection. Find the best sail shade for you with our top 5 best sail shades for your garden guide.

Dark green sail shade by Kookaburra.Dark green sail shade by Kookaburra.

How To Tension A Sail Shade

You've found a sail shade, but how do you get the best from it? A well tensioned sail shade is crucial to getting the most from it. Learn how to tension a sail shade in our guide.

Triangle Sail Shades FAQs

  • Does rain go through shade sails?

    Our breathable sail shades are permeable, woven from a knitted polymer. However, at Primrose we offer waterproof sail shades that prevent rain from seeping through the sail shade, offering complete protection from rainfall.
  • Can you attach a shade sail to a house?

    Yes, using your house walls as an anchor point for your shade sail is more than good enough to ensure it has a strong foundation. Just be mindful of where to install the pad eye fixings in order to avoid structural damage to your property. If you’d like some inspiration on how to set up the perfect shady spot for your garden, have a look at our top 10 garden canopy ideas.
  • How do I install a shade sail?

    The main factors to consider are the location of the shade sail, the anchor fixing points, the fixing method and the hardware needed to set it up. For an in-depth explanation, have a look at our easy-to-follow shade sail installation guide.