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The Green Johanna with Winter Jacket

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The Green Johanna with Winter Jacket

The Green Johanna "hot" composter will compost two parts cooked or uncooked food waste (including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetables and fruit) to one part garden waste and produces a rich compost all year round. Its clever design means that micro organisms, bugs and worms together with oxygen work together to create temperatures of 65°C (150°F). The winter jacket will maintain these temperatures in the colder winter months, the jacket made from foam polyethylene should only be fitted when the average out door temperature consistently falls below 5°C, and removed when the temperature is constantly above 10°C. It is essential that the winter jacket is removable during the process otherwise the compost will burn, in which event the micro-organisms die and the process is halted.

How It Works

The cleverly designed lid closes around the ventilation system, turning the lid regulates air circulation and temperature. The round shaped bin means there's no cold corners, so heat spreads evenly throughout sinking the compost to the centre, again allowing more air circulation, oxygenating the compost. Sliding doors on both sides make it easy to inspect the ongoing process and to remove the compost when it's ready, air vents on the bottom allow worms in and air upwards in to the container.

H 94cm (37 Inches) Lid Diameter 53cm (20.8 Inches) Base Diameter 81cm (31.8 Inches)

More Information
Type Garden Composters
Width Bucket 50cm - 100cm Wide
Material Plastic