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Blade Cascade Water Features

Blade Cascade Water Features

Blade cascades are made with wide streams, either cascading straight into a reservoir or tiered features that wend their way down to the fountain base through one or more plateaus. They'll often be a little louder than your usual water feature, but that just means you can place them further away from your garden's centre and still enjoy their bubbling, streaming sounds.


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The sounds of water features can vary and the best sounding is fairly subjective. However we've put together a guide of 'best sounding water features' to help you find a favourite based on your preferences.

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How Much Does it Cost to Run a Water Feature?

Water features are great for a tranquil display in your garden or outdoor space - but how much does it cost to run a water feature? Find out in our 'how much does it cost to run a water feature' guide.

Blade Cascade Water Feature FAQs 

  • What is a water blade?

    Typically, water blades are water features with a thin lip that spill tranquilised water sheets into a laminar water flow, producing a soothing sound. Water blades can be free-standing or wall-mounted and are commonly made of stainless steel for its hard-wearing characteristics and smooth finish. 

  • How do water blades work?

    Water blades are hollow water features that pump water through from the reservoir and out through their ‘letterbox’ shaped lip, resulting in cascading sheets of water.  

  • How to install a water blade?

    If you have a wall-mounted feature, you should first consider the height and length you want your blade to spill the water. If you’d like the water sheets to cascade away from the wall it’s mounted on, an extended lip water blade is recommended. If you want to prevent your water being splashed or blown away by the wind then choose an installation height of no more than 1.5m.

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