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Bubble Water Features

Bubble Water Features 

These bubbling centrepieces are not only visually pleasing but can help to relieve stress with their mesmerising gentle movement. The colour changing LED lights create an added glow which highlights the feature in any modern living or workspace.

These self-contained water features come with a remote control and programmable colour changing LED lights. Why not check out our other indoor water features?

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stainless steel sphere water featurestainless steel sphere water feature

How do Water Features work?

Water features make a magnificent statement in any outdoor space. From bubble water features to spheres, find out how water features work in our guide.

tiered water featuretiered water feature

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Water Feature?

Some types of water features, such as solar, are generally more affordable to run than others. Discover how much it costs to run a water feature in our useful guide.

Bubble Water Features FAQs

  • What are bubble walls?

    Bubble walls are self-contained water features with panels displaying a lovely stream of bubbles. These typically include LED lights for a contemporary, glowing look. Most bubble walls and tubes include a remote control to program the LED lights to fit the mood of your environment. Materials range from sturdy acrylic to stainless steel.
  • How does a bubble wall work?

    As air is pumped from a motor, the circulating water is then aerated and dispersed through the panel’s surface, creating mesmerising bubbles.

  • How do I clean my bubble water feature?

    Give the water feature a good wipe with a soft, damp cloth but take care not to use any harsh chemicals such as abrasive or glass cleaners. Additionally, ensure your water feature contains an optimal volume of water by topping it up occasionally.

    Want to keep your water feature in pristine condition? See our guide on how to keep your water feature clean.

  • How do I install my water feature?

    If you'd like to find out more information, see our detailed Water Feature Installation guide