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Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Placing bird feeders around your garden is a great way to attract wildlife to your garden. Different birds prefer different types of feeders. Thrushes and dunnocks prefer ground feeders, whereas hanging feeders attract the likes of blue tits and woodpeckers. Providing an assortment of bird feeders across your garden will ensure you attract a wide variety species that all the family will be in awe of.

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Bird Feeder FAQs

  • Where to put my bird feeder?

    Bird feeders can be placed in a variety of places across your garden. Place hanging bird feeders in trees and/or on a feeding station out in the open. Ground feeders can be placed hidden under bushes.
  • Which bird feeder should I buy?

    We offer a wide variety of bird feeders, from seed feeders to peanut feeders to novelty feeders. We explain the different types below so you can find the perfect option for your garden.
  • Hanging bird feeders

    Hanging feeders are a popular choice of feeder that can hold a variety of different foods. They provide a safe and convenient feeding method for birds that fly into your garden seeking a snack or two. Be sure to keep them clean as hygiene can be tricky with hanging feeders.

    If you want to minimise the accumulation of seed casings below your bird feeder, choose a no-mess food type or a feeder with a tray at the bottom. Hang your bird feeder from a tree branch or one of our dining stations. We sell a variety of hanging feeders, from doughnut feeders to squirrel-proof bird feeders. You will be sure to find a hanging bird feeder that suits you and your garden.

  • Ground bird feeders

    Ground feeders are a versatile feeding solution, with most bird species being able to feed from them. They are suitable for most types of bird food, even live mealworms! Alternatively, ground-feeding birds favour soft fruit so if you have any lying around add it to your ground feeder.
  • Coconut bird feeders

    Coconut feeders often come conveniently ready-filled with yummy suet mix which makes a great treat for your garden birds. Hang off a tree branch or one of our dining stations to attract an array of different species. Suet is a great way to supplement your garden birds diet with high-energy fat.
  • Dining bird stations

    Bird feeding stations are an excellent way to hang up your feeders, especially if tree branches are sparse in your garden. They make an attractive addition to any garden and will be sure to attract many feathered friends. Browse our wide variety of dining stations to help welcome birds into your garden.
  • Squirrel proof bird feeders

    Squirrel-proof feeders are a great choice if the squirrel population in your area is high, or you have noticed squirrels stealing food from your existing bird feeder.

    Discover more wild bird care essentials here at Primrose to make your garden a welcoming place for your feathered friends.

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