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Window Boxes

 Window Boxes

Add some charm to your house with our window boxes. Whether you want to grow herbs on your kitchen windowsill, fix a flower box to a wall or a large trough below your ground floor window, Primrose has all the solutions. With a huge range of rectangular window box planters, from rustic wood to sleek fibreglass, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

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  • What is a window box?

    Window boxes are long rectangular boxes, in which plants, usually flowers, are grown. They are placed on the outside or ledge of a window. Traditionally, they were made from wood or metal, but now they come in a range of materials. 

    They are especially popular in cities where residences typically lack access to gardens. They are a great option for adding nature and colour.

  • What size window box should I buy?

    The type of window box you buy will depend on the window you have. As a general rule of thumb, your window box should be as wide as your window for the best look. Make sure your window box doesn’t extend too far past your windows, as this will make your plants difficult to water.

    Don’t forget to consider the height of your window too. Opt for a window planter box that’s approximately 20-25% of the height of your window.

  • Where should I position my window planter box?

    Your box should be a few inches below the windowsill to ensure you do not touch the flowers when opening the window. Some plants are extremely sensitive to touch and will wilt.

  • What plants can I grow in a window box?

    Many people choose to grow their own herbs, fruits and vegetables in their window boxes; imagine reaching out to your kitchen window planter box to collect the produce you need for dinner!

    Strawberries, chillies, thyme, rosemary, sage, basil and tomatoes are popular choices to grow in a window box.

    If you’d prefer to grow plants, most people grow annuals, although vines look fantastic too. Consider erigeron, petunias, small ferns and pelargoniums. In springtime, you could also plant your daffodil bulbs in your box.

  • How do I secure a window box?

    Outdoor window boxes can be secured by vinyl siding hangers and mounting brackets. As they are outside we recommend using galvanised screws, which won’t rust. If you plan to attach your box to a brick wall, you may need a hammer drill that can deal with tough masonry.

  • Are window boxes dangerous?

    Window boxes are only dangerous when they are improperly secured. We recommend calling your local handyman to cement or drill them in place if you live in a pedestrianised area.

  • Find your perfect window box at Primrose

    With a huge range of rectangular planters, from rustic wood to sleek fibreglass, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for here at Primrose. Discover the collection and order yours today. For more choice, shop our full collection of garden planters.