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Passion Flower Plants

Passion Flower

Passion Flower plants will make an enchanting addition to every garden with their large flowers and characterful, eye-catching stamens. Ranging in colour from pure white to fully purple, and with many varieties evergreen, here you can find the perfect Passion Flower plant for your garden. Do not be misled by their exotic appearance, these wonderful climbers are great for the beginner gardener too!

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Passion Flower FAQs

  • When should I plant passion flowers?

    Like most plants, you should plant yours in early spring or early Autumn when the soil isn't hard or dry – the autumn rain will help the plant to establish. Passion flowers do well in fertile soil that has good drainage, so choose your location wisely so it can thrive with less dependence on you.
  • How do you take care of a passion flower plant?

    When choosing a location for your passion flowers, you should choose a spot that has direct sunlight and shade throughout the day as well as against a wall or fence to avoid being exposed to the wind. As these plants are climbers, they will cling to support thanks to their tendrils which won't need tying in when they have matured.

    You should water it well and prune it after the flowering season in autumn to train them and keep them looking great. If any flowers are damaged by winds, cut these bits back.

    Passion flowers are low maintenance plants and only need pruning every now and again – they are rampant growers so just make sure you train them to get them looking how you have in mind. Take a look at our gardening tools and equipment to help you.

  • Will passion flowers survive winter?

    Passion flowers are pretty resilient to weather and can survive British winters. In the event it gets particularly cold, you can protect your plant with mulch around the vine to retain water and keep the soil moist.

    Passion flowers lose their leaves in winter, however, they will regrow in spring, so don't worry about your plant dying if you notice it shedding when it gets colder.