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Valuable, shade loving plants, Ferns will add charm to the darker parts of your garden with their lacy foliage which are presented in a range of beautiful colours. Ferns are characterised by the fronds that appear on their shoots, with some oppositely arranged while others closer together. As such, every Fern plant will be unique and perfect for adding intricate frondescense to your planting scheme.

Great as a background to some earthenware pots, overgrown Ferns can be used to create the feeling of ancient forest! Separately, try Dicksonia 'Antarctica' as a centrepiece to create a striking point of interest.

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  • Discover tree ferns for sale online

    Find your perfect fern right here at Primrose. In our range, you’ll find Dicksonia tree ferns available to buy in a range of sizes.

    Whether you’re just starting your garden design or want a mature tree fern to complement your existing garden, you’ll find our plants in a range of sizes. From 0.5ft trunks all the way up to 7ft, by stocking different sized ferns, we can cater to every gardener’s budget.

    Also in our range is tree fern feed, so you can keep your plants looking great.

  • Which is the hardiest tree fern?

    One of the hardiest tree ferns is the Dicksonia Antarctica tree fern. This type of fern works well alongside other ferns and shade-loving plants, as well as in exotic garden designs.

    Given the variability of weather we have, you’ll notice that the Dicksonia tree ferns are the only tree ferns we currently stock.

  • How long can tree ferns live?

    Tree ferns have a long lifespan, with many living for hundreds of years.

  • Where should I plant my tree fern?

    You should always check the specific growing instructions for your chosen plant but generally, tree ferns grow best in sheltered, humid and shaded conditions.

    Due to their size, they need plenty of room at the top of the plant. Tree fern plants typically prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil.

    Shop our range of ferns today and don’t forget to explore our complete range of ornamental plants, available at affordable prices.