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Daffodil Bulbs


Daffodils, also known by their botanical name narcissus, are famous for their traditional trumpet-shaped, yellow blooms. A sign of spring, these flowers are easy to maintain and add an eye-catching dash of colour to any landscape. These perennials symbolise rebirth and new beginnings and are some of the first flowers to bloom after winter frost. Browse more flower bulbs and tubers as well as a wide selection of planters and raised beds to house them.

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Daffodils FAQs

  • Do daffodils need sun or shade?

    Daffodils are relatively resilient plants. You can plant them in full sun or partial shade, however, if they get less than half a day of sunlight, they might not bloom as well in future years. Afternoon shade can be a good thing for most plants, including sun-loving tulips. This can also stop the colours from fading, keeping them bold and beautiful for many years to come.

  • Do daffodils grow back every year?

    Daffodils are perennials which means they last through the years. Sunny and cheerful flowers, when cared for properly they will come back year after year. Just make sure you plant them in an area that is fertile and has good drainage.

  • Do daffodils need a lot of water?

    When seeds have first been planted and are growing, they need plenty of water to establish. You should keep the soil moist with a watering can after planting until it rains. When the daffodils begin to bloom, you can stop watering them.

  • When to plant daffodils?