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Flower Bulbs & Tubers

Flower Bulbs & Tubers

Planting bulbs is like burying treasure in your garden, for them to later be rediscovered come spring when they surprise you with their eye-catching flowering displays. Lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, our flower bulbs will grace your garden with a stunning display from early as January. 

Each catering to different garden styles, such as the woodland garden, our flower bulb collections will create a professionally landscaped look, while our single flower bulb varieties have been selected for their particularly noteworthy qualities, such as invaluable winter interest, beautiful fragrances, and impactful colour. Discover even more beautiful blooms and plants here at Primrose.

Planting Now

Plant these bulbs now for a spring bursting with colour. Allium, Iris and Tulips will stand proud and eye-catching if planted alone, while Crocus, Anemone and Daffodils go great in mixed patches.


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Planting Now

Plant these bulbs now for a summer bursting with colour. Dahlias, Iris and Lilies will stand proud and eye-catching if planted alone, while Agapathus, Crocosmia and Rununculus go great in mixed patches.


With tall stems and large spherical flowers agapanthus flowers are great for adding colour to your garden all summer long.

Crocosmia's warm-hued flowers and arching stems are happy in a mix of soils and shade conditions.

Dahlia's come in many dazzling shades, with their spherical blooms they are a showstopper for any garden.

Commonly named Glads, these range between 2-5 feet in height, great for adding height at the back of bedding.

Iris takes it name from the greek word from rainbow, so you can imagine the assortment of colours they come in. Irises are perennial plants.

We have a range of many different lilies, classical more traditional looking lilies are known as asiatic lilies

 Otherwise known as peonies. A firm favourite of many, their blooms are stuffed full of gorgeous petals.

Ranunculus plants  commonly known as the Persian buttercup. They boast an abundance of pretty delicate petals and a beautiful variety of colours.

Recommended Bulbs for Summer Flowering: Long Bulbs - Peonia bulbs, Medium Bulbs - Gladiola bulbs, Short Bulbs - Iris bulbs

Your Questions Answered

How To Plant Bulbs

Whilst this advice focuses on autumn bulbs a lot of the advice is relevant all-year-round and common for every season of bulb.

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How to Care for Peonies

The stunning Peony is a showstopper of the garden, putting in a performance which will stop you in your tracks. We provide a comprehensive guide on how to grow your own.

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Flower Bulbs & Tubers FAQs

  • When should I plant flower bulbs?

    When you should plant flower bulbs depends entirely on when the flowers bloom. The flower bulbs need to be planted well in advance of their blooming season to give them time to grow and take root. For example, if you have spring-blooming flower bulbs, you’ll need to plant the bulbs in the autumn when the soil is cool enough. 

  • Can you leave flower bulbs in the ground all year?

    Once your flower bulbs have bloomed, it’s usually safe to leave them in the ground or store them inside until it’s time to plant them again. Some flowers such as tulips and hyacinths need to be lifted and replanted the next year to prevent the flower bulbs from shrinking each year.

  • What is a plant tuber?

    A common example of a tuber is a potato plant. The tuber is an enlarged part of the plant that works as a storage container for essential nutrients. As the plant grows, it uses this storage container to feed its offspring (i.e the potato) and to ensure that the whole plant survives winter.

    Discover our huge range of flower bulbs and more in our full collection of garden plants here at Primrose. 

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